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Once the object node is set to details mode and all its properties are set to use the correct control types, the object is simply dragged onto the designer. Visual Studio creates a ProjectBindingSource, all the controls for the properties, and of course the BindingNavigator control.
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This chapter provided you an overview of .NET Micro Framework SDK installation, runtime assemblies, and Visual Studio integration. You wrote, deployed, and executed your first .NET Micro Framework application. You learned how to select an emulator or target device to run your application, and how to use the MFDeploy and TFConvert tools. You are now prepared to go on to the next chapter, where we start to explore the .NET Micro Framework BCL.
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case 2: // long range scan if(gBatteries >= 5 && gScanActive == 0) { gBatteries -= 5; gScanActive = 1; printf( long range scan\n"); } break;
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NOTE To utilize PlayReady-protected content, you will need access to a PlayReady licensed server.
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Figure 6-20. Hierarchy of strictly restrictive accessor levels
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Creating Complex User Interfaces with Interaction
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request that device s metadata. Once you receive the metadata, you need to find the desired OneWayOperationServiceType service. At this point, you know the discovered device has a OneWayOperationServiceType service, but you need to find that service (the device could have more than one). Therefore, you need to check the metadata of the host service and hosted services. Once you have found the desired service, you need to remember the service transport address (device IP address followed by service ID) and pass it to the constructor of the custom service controller when creating a usable controller object. The static FindFirst method in Listing 6-22 uses this approach and presents a reusable class to obtain a service s transport address if a suitable service on a remote device was found. The FindFirst method accepts the type name and namespace URI of the service to look for. Listing 6-22. Obtaining the Transport Address for the First Available Device using using using using System; Microsoft.SPOT; Dpws.Client; Dpws.Client.Discovery;
if (count > 0) //minimum one byte read { char[] chars = Encoding.UTF8.GetChars(inBuffer); string str = new string(chars, 0, count); Debug.Print(str); } Thread.Sleep(25); //give device time to sleep } } } }
Introducing the ProfileScriptService Control
Event Receivers and Senders
Fires upon the changing of a property. Supports actions (for more about actions, see 5).
Step 2: Generating the Shading Map
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