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ObjectViewSchema implements the System.Web.UI.Design.IDataSourceViewSchema interface, making it responsible for retrieving and exposing the schema information about the data source (in this case, the business object). To that end, ObjectViewSchema maintains the assembly and type name for the business object: Public Class ObjectViewSchema Implements IDataSourceViewSchema Private mTypeAssemblyName As String = "" Private mTypeName As String = "" ASP.NET retrieves the schema information by calling the GetFields() method defined by the IDataSourceViewSchema interface. This method returns an array of objects that implement the IDataSourceFieldSchema interface from the System.Web.UI.Design namespace. The ObjectFieldInfo class discussed later implements this interface. The GetFields() method is the only Public method in ObjectViewSchema: Public Function GetFields() As _ System.Web.UI.Design.IDataSourceFieldSchema() _ Implements System.Web.UI.Design.IDataSourceViewSchema.GetFields Dim result As New Generic.List(Of ObjectFieldInfo) Dim t As Type = CslaDataSource.GetType(mTypeAssemblyName, mTypeName) If GetType(IEnumerable).IsAssignableFrom(t) Then ' this is a list so get the item type t = Utilities.GetChildItemType(t) End If Dim props As PropertyDescriptorCollection = _ TypeDescriptor.GetProperties(t) For Each item As PropertyDescriptor In props If item.IsBrowsable Then result.Add(New ObjectFieldInfo(item)) End If Next Return result.ToArray End Function This method gets a Type object representing the business object type by calling the CslaDataSource.GetType() helper method discussed earlier. It then checks to see if that type is a collection, and if so, it calls the GetChildItemType() helper method from the Utilities class to find the type of the child objects in that collection:
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is nothing in the WF Framework that explicitly dictates that a composite activity not perform any tasks. It s just a good convention to follow.
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In the following code, class MyClass declares two methods one that takes two integers and returns their sum and another that takes two floats and returns their average. In the second invocation, notice that the compiler has implicitly converted the two int values 5 and someInt to the float type. class MyClass Formal parameters { public int Sum(int x, int y) { return x + y; } Formal parameters public float Avg(float input1, float input2) { return (input1 + input2) / 2.0F; } } class Program { static void Main() { MyClass myT = new MyClass(); int someInt = 6; Console.WriteLine ("Newsflash: Sum: {0} and {1} is {2}", 5, someInt, myT.Sum( 5, someInt )); Console.WriteLine Actual parameters ("Newsflash: Avg: {0} and {1} is {2}", 5, someInt, myT.Avg( 5, someInt )); Actual parameters
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What Are Web Services, Really
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SOAPFault SOAPFaultElement SOAPHeader SOAPHeaderElement SOAPMessage SOAPPart Text
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In this image, we touched Rock, and the iPod touch shows the list of albums and songs we have in this genre.
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Note Oracle attempts to do this purely at the row level, but you may receive an ORA-08177 error even when the
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Figure 9-5. The MouseEnter event is created in Blend.
Deploying a program on a target machine can be as simple as creating a directory on the machine and copying the application to it. If the application doesn t need other assemblies (such as DLLs) or if the required DLLs are in the same directory, the program should work just fine where it is. Programs deployed this way are called private assemblies, and this method of deployment is called xcopy deployment. Private assemblies can be placed in almost any directory and are self-sufficient as long as all the files on which they depend are in the same directory or a subdirectory. In fact, you could have several directories in various parts of the file system, each with the identical set of assemblies, and they would all work fine in their various locations. Some important things to know about private assembly deployment are the following: The directory in which the private assemblies are placed is called the application directory. A private assembly can be either strongly named or weakly named. There is no need to register components in the registry. To uninstall a private assembly, just delete it from the file system.
The Code
The signature of the INavigationContentLoader.BeginLoad method is as follows: IAsyncResult BeginLoad( Uri targetUri, Uri currentUri, AsyncCallback userCallback, Object asyncState )
"Source: %s%n" + "Message: %s%n", diagnostic.getCode(), diagnostic.getKind(), diagnostic.getPosition(), diagnostic.getStartPosition(), diagnostic.getEndPosition(), diagnostic.getSource(), diagnostic.getMessage(null)); fileManager.close(); System.out.println("Success: " + success); } }
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