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Figure 11-10. The Type Selector dialog box
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Throughput Counts
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When playing around with billboards, you can easily get yourself into situations where you need to render thousands of billboards. You can, for example, define a few thousand billboards like this:
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int main() { StringWriter^ sw = gcnew StringWriter(); sw->WriteLine("Pike Place"); sw->WriteLine("Street of Dreams"); sw->WriteLine("(C) 2006 Jeni Hogenson"); sw->WriteLine(); sw->Write("Walking with bare feet\n"); sw->Write("Seattle streets, gospel beat,\n"); sw->Write("She's got magic\n"); sw->WriteLine(); sw->WriteLine("Bag of black upon her back\n" + "A sensual blend, soul food that is;\n" + "Local color."); sw->WriteLine(); String^ jambo = "jambo"; String^ s = String::Format("Open the bag, {0}, {1}.", jambo, jambo); sw->WriteLine(s); sw->Write("Make a wish, {0}, {0}.", jambo); sw->WriteLine();
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Compilation and Deployment
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Required Operator public static implicit operator { Implicit or explicit ... return ObjectOfTargetType; }
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on the collection. The NewProjectResources() method creates an empty collection, ensuring that child objects can be added as required. The result is that the instance fields are declared and initialized so the object is immediately useful for things like data binding, setting property values, or adding child objects.
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SharpCloud (http://www.sharpcloud.com) is currently developing a project risk assessment application. The application carries out complex calculations to determine the optimum order for carrying out projects. The application is built using Silverlight and WCF, and it runs on the Windows Azure (see 16). It is shown in Figure 15-34 and Figure 15-35.
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The general flow of control through a switch statement is illustrated in Figure 9-4. You can modify the flow through a switch statement with a goto statement or a return statement.
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Now that you have defined your GameComponent, you should add it to the list of GameComponent classes of your main Game class. Once added, its main methods will automatically be called. The easiest way to do this is to create a new instance of your GameComponent and add it immediately to the Components list. An ideal place to do this is in the constructor of your main Game class: public Game1() { graphics = new GraphicsDeviceManager(this); Content.RootDirectory = "Content"; Components.Add(new BillboardGC(this)); } This will cause the Initialize and LoadContent methods to be called at startup and the Update and Draw methods of the new class to be called each time the Update and Draw methods of your main Game class have finished. In some cases, you will need to update some public variables of the component. In the case of the billboarding component, you ll need to update the camPosition and camForward variables so the component can adjust its billboards and the View and Projection matrices so they can be rendered correctly to the screen. Therefore, you ll want to keep a link to your component by adding this variable to your main Game class: BillboardGC billboardGC; Then store a link to your component before storing it in the Components list: public Game1() { graphics = new GraphicsDeviceManager(this); Content.RootDirectory = "Content"; billboardGC = new BillboardGC(this); Components.Add(billboardGC); } Now in the Update method of your main Game class, you can update these four variables inside your component. At the end of the Update method of your main Game class, the Update method of all components is called, allowing the billboarding component to update its billboards: protected override void Update(GameTime gameTime) { . . . billboardGC.camForward = quatCam.Forward; billboardGC.camPosition = quatCam.Position;
Figure 8-2. SimpleActivity within a Sequential workflow Notice the description for the SimpleActivity is the description entered when creating the activity. Also notice there s a lock in the upper-left corner of each Code activity within the SimpleActivity. This lets you know you cannot make changes to these activities. If you click one of the Code activities inside the SimpleActivity and view the properties, you ll see the properties are all disabled. Execute the workflow, and you ll see the Simple message box appear and then the Activity message box appear. This example shows a simple composite activity made up of existing activities. You can also create activities from scratch by inheriting from the Activity class. The next section will show creating a new activity from the Activity class. Creating a new activity in this manner is the same in VB or C#. Also, you can change the base class activity from Sequential activity to State activity to create an activity that can be used in a State Machine workflow. The same steps are involved in both, so I won t show creating a State activity. This example has shown how to use a custom activity if the activity project and workflow project are in the same solution. In most cases, this won t happen. Instead, you ll create a new workflow project and you ll want to add an existing custom activity to the workflow. To show how this works, close the solution and create a new VB Sequential Workflow Console application called VBCustomActivityToolBoxSequential. View the Toolbox and notice you no longer see the SimpleActivity within the Toolbox. Right-click the Toolbox and select Choose Items. The Choose Toolbox Items dialog box appears with several tabs. Click the Activities tab, and you ll see all the out-of-the-box activities listed. Also notice the directory column for these activities is Global Assembly Cache. You can add your activity to the Global Assembly Cache if you d like. However, if you do this, you ll need to do it on every workstation that might have a workflow application running on it and that uses that activity. The upside to adding a custom activity to the Global Assembly Cache is that you don t need to add it to every project you create. So if you have an activity for example, a logging activity that you want to add to every
Figure 5-24. Your new BallAndString UserControl Now you can switch back to MainPage.xaml and see that instead of an Ellipse and Path (for the Line) in your Objects and Timeline panel, you see an unnamed UserControl of type BallAndString. Figure 5-25 shows my Objects and Timeline panel.
As with properties, the get and set accessors cannot be called explicitly. Instead, the get accessor is called automatically when the indexer is used in an expression for a value. The set accessor is called automatically when the indexer is assigned a value with the assignment statement. When an indexer is called, the parameters are supplied between the square brackets. Index Value emp1[0] = "Doe"; string NewName = emp[0]; Index
In the framework, I ll refer to this router object as a data portal. It will act as a portal for all data access for all the objects. The objects will interact with this portal in order to retrieve default values (create), fetch data (read), update or insert data (update), and remove data (delete). This means that the data portal will provide a standardized mechanism by which objects can perform all CRUD operations. The end result will be that each business class will include a factory method that the UI can call in order to load an object based on data from the database, as follows: Public Shared Function GetCustomer(ByVal customerId As String) As Customer Return DataPortal.Fetch(Of Customer)(New Criteria(customerId)) End Function
Creating Other XML Node Types
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