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With consistent use of business objects, there s no way to bypass the business logic. The only way to the data is through the object, and the object always enforces the rules.
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For example, the following code does not create any variables of the enum TrafficLight type, but the members are accessible and can be printed using WriteLine. static void Main() { Console.WriteLine("{0}", TrafficLight.Green); Console.WriteLine("{0}", TrafficLight.Yellow); Console.WriteLine("{0}", TrafficLight.Red); } Enum name Member name
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The AssemblyRef (assembly reference) metadata table defines the external dependencies of an assembly or a module. Both prime and nonprime modules can and do, as a rule contain this table. The only assembly that does not depend on any other assembly, and hence has an empty AssemblyRef table, is Mscorlib.dll, the root assembly of the .NET Framework class library. The column structure of the AssemblyRef table is as follows: MajorVersion (2-byte unsigned integer): The major version of the assembly. MinorVersion (2-byte unsigned integer): The minor version of the assembly. BuildNumber (2-byte unsigned integer): The build number of the assembly. RevisionNumber (2-byte unsigned integer): The revision number of the assembly. Flags (4-byte unsigned integer): Assembly reference flags, which indicate whether the assembly reference holds a full unhashed public key or a surrogate (public key token). PublicKeyOrToken (offset in the #Blob stream): A binary object representing the public encryption key for a strong-named assembly or a token of this key. A key token is an 8-byte representation of a hashed public key, and it has nothing to do with metadata tokens. Name (offset in the #Strings stream): The name of the referenced assembly, which must be nonempty and must not contain a path or a filename extension. Locale (offset in the #Strings stream): The culture name. HashValue (offset in the #Blob stream): A binary object representing a hash of the metadata of the referenced assembly s prime module. This value is ignored by the loader, so it can safely be omitted. In ILAsm, an AssemblyRef is declared in the following way (for example): .assembly extern mscorlib { .publickeytoken = (B7 7A 5C 56 19 34 E0 89 ) .ver 2:0:0:0 }
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Figure 14-1. Engagement of the finally exception handler
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Dublin/Windows Application Server
class DeSerializeTest { static void Main(string[] args) { // create a formatter IFormatter deserializer = new BinaryFormatter(); // open the stream to the file Stream inputStream = File.OpenRead("person.bin"); // deserialize the object Person deserializedPerson = (Person)deserializer.Deserialize(inputStream); // print out the value of the fields of the deserialized object Console.WriteLine("Deserialized name: {0}", deserializedPerson.Name); Console.WriteLine("Deserialized city: {0}", deserializedPerson.City); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } To deserialize the object, you open a Stream from the file that contains the binary serialization data and pass it as a parameter to the Deserialize method of the BinaryFormatter object through the
You should now have an understanding of covariance and contravariance as it applies to delegates. The same principles apply to interfaces, including the syntax using the out and in keywords in the interface declaration. The following code shows an example of using covariance with an interface. The things to note about the code are the following: The code declares a generic interface with type parameter T. The out keyword specifies that the type parameter is covariant. Generic class SimpleReturn implements the generic interface. Method DoSomething shows how a method can take an interface as a parameter. This method takes as its parameter a generic IMyIfc interface constructed with type Animal. The code works in the following way: The first two lines of Main create and initialize a constructed instance of generic class SimpleReturn, using class Dog. The next line assigns that object to a variable on the stack that is declared of constructed interface type IMyIfc<Animal>. Notice several things about this declaration: The type on the left of the assignment is an interface type not a class. Even though the interface types don t exactly match, the compiler allows them because of the covariant out specifier in the interface declaration.
Tip Conditional compilation allows you to include or exclude code parts. Undefining the compiler constant
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