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Figure 9-6. Modifying the schema project properties 8. Click OK to save the settings and close the dialog box.
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You are now able to write graphical user interfaces that run on the different .NET Micro Framework platforms with displays having different screen resolutions and color depths although, currently, the two platforms provide display support only for the QVGA (320 240 pixels) resolution. The WPF especially helps you to write screen-resolution-independent applications that dynamically use all the available display size. Now that you have a good understanding about the entire base class library of the .NET Micro Framework, we will proceed to the final chapter, which shows you how to use, configure, and extend the hardware emulator of the .NET Micro Framework for rapid prototyping in a way that was not possible with embedded programming until now.
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You can check whether a sound cue has finished playing by checking its IsStopped property: if (currentCue.IsStopped) //do something If you want your XNA program to cycle through a few background sounds, you should create an array to hold the names of the cues, and not the cues themselves, which are useless once they have been played. You will need these additional variables to create a background looping system: string[] bgCueNames; Cue currentCue; int currentCueNr = 0; The array will hold the names of the background cues to be played. The currentCue will store the cue that is playing so you can check whether it s finished, and the currentCueNr variable is needed so your program can activate the next cue. This is the method that initializes the array of cue names and starts the first cue: private void InitSounds() { audioEngine = new AudioEngine("Content/Audio/MyXACTproject.xgs"); waveBank = new WaveBank(audioEngine, "Content/Audio/myWaveBank.xwb"); soundBank = new SoundBank(audioEngine, "Content/Audio/mySoundBank.xsb"); bgCueNames = new string[5]; bgCueNames[0] = "bgAudio1"; bgCueNames[1] = "bgAudio2"; bgCueNames[2] = "bgAudio3"; bgCueNames[3] = "bgAudio4"; bgCueNames[4] = "bgAudio5"; PlayBGCue(0); } For this to work, you ll first have to create an XAct project as shown in recipe 7-1, containing the five cues. The PlayBGCue method that actually starts a cue is easy: private void PlayBGCue(int cueNr) { currentCue = soundBank.GetCue(bgCueNames[cueNr]); currentCue.Play(); }
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Syntax of Anonymous Methods
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Step 4: Implement Policy Requirements in the Business Web Service
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Ball[SelectedBall].Pos.x) * 0.15f; Ball[SelectedBall].Pos.y += ((TouchPos.y + SelectedOffset.y) Ball[SelectedBall].Pos.y) * 0.15f; } }
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Listing 9-3. Endpoint Reference XML
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An excellent technique for adding shadows to your scene is the shadow mapping technique. I ve discussed this technique in detail on my site ( In short, for each pixel the shadow mapping technique compares the real distance between that pixel and the light against the distance as seen by the light. If the real distance is larger than the distance seen by the light, there must be an object between the pixel and the light, so the pixel should not be lit. To allow this comparison, the scene should first be rendered as seen by the light, so for each pixel its distance to the light can be saved into a texture. If you want to implement the deferred rendering version of the shadow mapping technique, you will first need to generate such a depth map for each of your lights. Once you ve done this, the shadow mapping comparison should be applied in step 2 of deferred rendering.
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The CLR checks and ensures the type safety of parameters and other data objects even between components written in different programming languages.
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TradeID : String Company : String Price : Double (add'l properties)
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