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If the object is then loaded with data from the database, the _isNew field is set to False, through a protected MarkOld() method: Protected Overridable Sub MarkOld() _isNew = False MarkClean() End Sub
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Assigning a Resource
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Guid structure in the System.Ext.Guid namespace that resides in the MFDpwsExtensions.dll assembly. Invoke the static NewGuid method to create a new GUID.
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The next tool on the toolbar is the Button tool. If you hold down this tool, you will see the other input controls available to you (see Figure 2-25).
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using the DBMS_PARALLLEL_EXECUTE package. If it s available to you, you really should be using that package rather than the manual approach described here.
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Dynamic root list Command Read-only root
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Business objects are different from regular objects only in terms of what they represent.
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