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6. Anti Patterns: Refactoring Software, Architectures, and Projects in Crisis, p. 133; and Andrew Hunt and David Thomas, The Pragmatic Programmer (Boston: Addison-Wesley, 1999), p. 26; Working Effectively with Legacy Code, p. 269.
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See Optimizing Oracle Performance or Metalink Doc ID 39817.1 for descriptions of additional keywords found in 10046 extended trace files.
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CSLA .NET does not propagate broken rules in child objects or child collections up to the root object, so the interaction with broken rules from the CslaActionExtender only applies to the root object, and only when that root object is of type BusinessBase. However, the validity check aggregates the entire underlying object graph when you use managed backing fields for your child objects, or properly overrides the business object s IsValid and IsDirty properties.
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A digital signature is essentially a cryptographic hash that is added to a SOAP message, and is based on a security token. Digital signatures may currently be generated based on the following tokens: A username-password combination, referred to by the WSE as a UsernameToken A digital certificate, such as an X.509 certificate A Kerberos token, which is a Microsoft proprietary format that can only be issued and verified by Windows XP with Service Pack 1, or by Windows Server 2003 A custom binary token, based on an algorithm of your choosing
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Testing the Program
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From Fanboy to Developer
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Silent Install
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4.25. Separating Field Items with Blank Rows
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open the file without having the pivot table refresh, so you can review the previous day s data before moving forward. This problem is based on the Refresh.xlsx sample workbook.
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Create the Web Service (Steps 3 5)
In the framework used in this book, the logical architecture comprises the five layers shown in Figure 1-1.
As mentioned earlier, data binding uses dependency properties to maintain the relationship between the object and datasource. If you change an item that is databound then any other controls bound to the data item will change as well. Let s create an example to demonstrate this. 1. 2. Open ~/DataBinding/DataBindingTest.xaml. Add the following XAML after the TextBox that has the x:name set to txtDeclaration: <TextBlock>Change an object in list:</TextBlock> <Button x:Name="cmdChangeTitle" Width="100" Height="20" Content="Change Title"></Button> 3. Open DataBindingTest.xaml.cs and add a click event handler: this.cmdChangeTitle.Click+=new RoutedEventHandler(cmdChangeTitle_Click); 4. Add a method to handle the click: void cmdChangeTitle_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { //Change an item in the list MoviesList[0].Title = "Title Changed"; } 5. Press F5 to run the application. Click the button to change the movie title. The text box that was bound to this item will then change.
You can also set the GridView control s PageSize property to control how many items are shown on each page. All the paging work is done by the GridView control itself, which is fine because the ProjectList business object will be maintained in Session, so the user can move from page to page without hitting the database each time. Figure 10-17 shows the properties of the CslaDataSource control used on the page.
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