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The rotation mode idea needed to morph into something new. Maybe tapping once would now put the piece into selection mode. A selected piece could then have various kinds of manipulations applied to it, without worrying about disturbing other pieces. But how would I allow users to move, rotate, or flip a selected piece Flipping was obvious just double-tap the active piece. And there s no need to see the piece while you re doing that. However, moving and rotating need visibility to work correctly. Maybe it needed screen elements that could be activated, so a player could decide between a move and a rotate. Perhaps the rotation ring could be used for movement, allowing the player to grab the ring instead of the piece. Then additional knobs could be tapped to initiate rotation (see Figure 5-21).
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ReleaseMouseCapture RemoveHandler TransformToVisual
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The annotations found in the java.sql package are meant to simplify object-relational mappings. They allow you to place an annotated SQL statement in code, flagging it with an annotation so you know what type of statement it is, and thus what it can return. To demonstrate, you need to define a class to represent the DataSet to work with. In this particular case, it s a simple student definition that maps to a database table. DataSet is itself an interface of the java.sql package that you ll see used shortly.
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Edit Level Tracking
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Private Sub ApplyAuthorizationRules() ' have the controls enable/disable/etc Me.ReadWriteAuthorization1.ResetControlAuthorization() Dim canEdit As Boolean = _ ProjectTracker.Library.Project.CanEditObject ' enable/disable appropriate buttons Me.OKButton.Enabled = canEdit Me.ApplyButton.Enabled = canEdit Me.Cancel_Button.Enabled = canEdit Me.AssignButton.Enabled = canEdit Me.UnassignButton.Enabled = canEdit ' enable/disable role column in grid Me.ResourcesDataGridView.Columns(2).ReadOnly = Not canEdit End Sub The call to ResetControlAuthorization() tells the ReadWriteAuthorization control to loop through all the detail controls and apply authorization rules to any that have their ApplyAuthorization property set to True. Recall from 5 that ReadWriteAuthorization relies entirely on the CanReadProperty() and CanWriteProperty() methods of the business object to determine whether the current user is authorized to read or write each property. Thus, this one line of code is able to completely enable or disable all the detail controls on the whole form. The code then enables or disables the buttons that would allow the user to save the object. The Shared method CanEditObject() is called to ask the Project class itself whether the current user can edit project data, so the UI really has no idea about the authorization rules themselves; its only concern is to properly update the display to give the user appropriate visual cues. Finally, if the user isn t authorized to edit project data, the Roles column in the DataGridView is set to be read-only. Not that the user could save any changes they might make, but there s no sense letting the user think they can change values when they can t actually save them.
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CHAPTER 17: iPod touch Photography
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As you may recall from the last chapter, you can use the Decorator pattern to chain together multiple implementations of a single interface to solve a common problem. Specifically, the Decorator pattern example I presented demonstrated the creation of a hamburger, where each interface implementation represented an ingredient of the hamburger. The Proxy pattern, which I explain in this section, is similar to the Decorator pattern in that both attempt to offer functionality without altering the source code of the other implementations.
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2.11. Filtering a Pivot Field: Including New Items in a Manual Filter
Beyond WSE 2.0: Looking Ahead to Indigo
At design time, you can control the deployment behavior in-package or on-demand of resource files (such as image files, video files, and text files) by setting the Build Action property of each resource file. The Build Action property defines how the added file relates to the build and deployment processes. It is an extensible property, and additional options can be added very easily. For Silverlight projects, three Build Action options None, Resource, and Content are mainly used. Figure 17-11 shows the possible Build Action property values for the tologo.jpg image file.
Export to Microsoft Word, as I am doing in Figure 16-43.
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