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</behavior> </endpointBehaviors> </behaviors> <client> <endpoint name="RelayEndpoint" contract="SoftnetSolutions.RelayService.ServiceContract.IPublishEventService" binding="netTcpRelayBinding" bindingConfiguration="default" behaviorConfiguration="CardSpaceBehavior" address="http://AddressToBeReplacedInCode/" /> </client> <services> <service name="SoftnetSolutions.Shape.Draw.FormDrawShape"> <endpoint name="RelayEndpoint" contract="SoftnetSolutions.RelayService.ServiceContract.IPublishEventService" binding="netTcpRelayBinding" bindingConfiguration="default" behaviorConfiguration="CardSpaceBehavior" address="" /> </service> </services> </system.serviceModel> </configuration> Listing 6-18. Change the Credential Type to automaticRenewalClientCredentials in the Configuration File App.config of ShapeController < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <configuration> <appSettings> <add key="Topic" value="PublishEventService"/> <add key="Solution" value="SoftnetSolutionsServiceBus"/> <add key="password" value="9j!Ns$R8%7"/> </appSettings> <system.serviceModel> <bindings> <netTcpRelayBinding> <binding name="default" connectionMode="Hybrid"> <security mode="None" /> </binding> </netTcpRelayBinding> </bindings> <behaviors> <endpointBehaviors> <behavior name="automaticRenewalClientCredentials"> <transportClientEndpointBehavior credentialType="AutomaticRenewal" /> </behavior>
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Figure 6-48. Copy and paste a new Ellipse with a black fill. It is starting to look good, but I think at this point it would look much better if we put a highlight effect on top of the Backplate, the same as we did for the Buttons. Let s do that now:
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The Add Column button adds another column onto your Twitter Home screen. Just slide from right to left to advance from one column to the next. The dots at the bottom indicate how many screens you have to move through. You can add a column for Search, Direct Messages, Mentions, Favorites, Twitter Trends, Twitter Lists, Twitter Search, and All Friends.
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Coding the Activity
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Conditional Assignment
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if (!StrongNameTokenFromAssemblyEx(wszAssemblyFileName, &pbStrongNameToken, &cbStrongNameToken, &pbPublicKeyBlob, &cbPublicKeyBlob)) { DWORD err = StrongNameErrorInfo(); throw gcnew Exception( String::Format("StrongNameTokenFromAssemblyEx caused error {0}", err)); } // this code copies publicKeyToken = gcnew array<Byte>(cbStrongNameToken); Marshal::Copy(IntPtr(pbStrongNameToken), publicKeyToken, 0, cbStrongNameToken); StrongNameFreeBuffer(pbStrongNameToken); publicKey = gcnew array<Byte>(cbPublicKeyBlob); Marshal::Copy(IntPtr(pbPublicKeyBlob), publicKey, 0, cbPublicKeyBlob); StrongNameFreeBuffer(pbPublicKeyBlob); } int main(array<System::String ^> ^args) { array<Char>^ hexDigits = { '0', '1', '2', '3', '4', '5', '6', '7', '8', '9', 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D', 'E', 'F' }; Console::WriteLine("TrustStrongName"); Console::WriteLine("Written by Marcus Heege - no warranties whatsoever"); Console::WriteLine(); if (args->Length != 1) { DumpHelp(); return 1; } if (args[0] == "/ " || args[0] == "- ") { DumpHelp(); return 0; } try { array<Byte>^ publicKey = nullptr; array<Byte>^ publicKeyToken = nullptr; GetPublicKeyAndPublicKeyToken(args[0], publicKey, publicKeyToken); Console::WriteLine("Public key:");
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Using Autocommit
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Using .NET Generics, the Operations class is implemented as follows: public class Operations< type> { private IMathematics< type> _math; public IMathematics<type> Math { get { if( _math == null) { throw new PropertyNotDefined( "Operations.Math"); } return _math; } set { _math = value; } } public type AddArray( type[] numbers) { type total = this.Math.Reset(); foreach( type number in numbers) { total = this.Math.Add( total, number); } return total; } } In the .NET Generics version of the Operations class, the type has become a parameter that is the base type for the interface IMathematics. The method AddArray has no types and only uses the type employed to define the Operations class. Notice with .NET Generics the Operations class is a pure abstract application logic class, and is type safe. The following test uses the .NET Generics version of the Operations class: [Test]public void AddListDotNet2() { MathBridgeDotNet2.Operations< int> ops = new MathBridgeDotNet2.Operations< int>(); ops.Math = MathBridgeDotNet2.Factory.Instantiate(); int[] values = new int[] {1,2,3,4,5}; Assert.AreEqual( 15, ops.AddArray( values), "List did not add"); } In this test version, the same methods and instantiations are used. The only difference is that the type int is used to convert a Generic type to a specific type. Inspecting the code closer, a potential additional optimization would be to instantiate the types using a factory that is parameterized using a type. An example of such an optimization would be as follows: ops.Math = MathBridgeDoNet2.Factory.Instantiate<int>();
Source Code Size Larger: You need a new implementation for each type. The compiled version of each stack is present, regardless of whether it is used. Easier to write because it s more concrete. More error-prone to maintain, since all changes need to be applied for each applicable type.
_instance._lock.AcquireReaderLock( -1); if( _instance._data == null) { _instance._lock.UpgradeToWriterLock(-1); if( _instance._data == null) { _instance._data = _instance._builder.NewObject( obj); } } retval = _instance._data; } finally { _instance._lock.ReleaseLock(); } return retval; } } The Singleton<> class is a Generic class that has two generic parameters: singletonupdate and type. The type is an implementation of the ISingletonBuilder<> interface. It s specified as a template parameter because of the nature of the singleton. Unfortunately, the singleton is a static type that is instantiated without knowing any reference information. Using a singleton within the singleton is a futile endeavor, as that would create a recursion, and attempting to reference a configuration file creates an unwanted dependency. The only solution is to define the type as a generic parameter. The generic parameter type defines the singleton data, which in the example of Figure 7-4 was SingletonData. Singleton<> has two methods: SingletonThread and Instance. The method Instance functions identically to the classical singleton implementation of the method Instance. The method SingletonThread is a threaded method that scans and queries whether the singleton data needs to be updated. The best way to understand Singleton<> is to explain the order of events when a client executes the following source code (it s assumed that the Singleton<> class with the specified types has never been referenced in the application): Singleton< MySingletonBuilder, SingletonData>.Instance( null).Buffer = "hello"; The .NET compiler will convert the Generic type Singleton<> into a unique type based on the generic parameters MySingletonBuilder and SingletonData. The method Singleton<>.Instance is called with a null parameter indicating that there is no constructor information. Shifting focus to the implementation of the Instance method, the first check is to see whether the data member _instance has been instantiated. If _instance equals a null, which means no instantiation, then _instance is assigned an instance of Singleton<>. When Singleton<> is instantiated, the constructor instantiates an ISingletonBuilder<> instance and assigns it to the data member _builder. After the _builder variable has been assigned, a ReaderWriterLock is instantiated and assigned to the data member _lock. The variable _lock will be discussed in more detail in a moment. The last thing the constructor does is create a thread and execute the method SingletonThread. The method SingletonThread is a polling thread that periodically checks for the validity of the singleton data. What is different about the polling is the while loop that doesn t lock the data, but uses something called a reader-writer lock.
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