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It s a good idea to make the most common functionality of an application very suggestive of a particular way to hold the device. This way, you have a good idea of how the user is likely to hold the device when using your application, and you can plan your UI accordingly.
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Note Unlike C and C++, there are no global functions (i.e., methods or functions) declared outside of a
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// add the two big integers together using the += operator bigInt += bigInt2; Console.WriteLine("Result after adding two BigInteger values: {0}", bigInt); // subtract using a numeric literal bigInt = bigInt2 - 500; Console.WriteLine("Result after subtacting a literal: {0}", bigInt); // multiply using a numeric type int i = 300; bigInt *= i; Console.WriteLine("Result after multiplung with an int: {0}", bigInt); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } You can see from the code that you can perform operations on pairs of BingIntegers and on BigIntegers and the normal numeric types. Compiling and running the code in Listing 5-23 produces the following results: Result after adding two BigInteger values: 101457092405402533877 Result after subtacting a literal: 92233720368547757570 Result after multiplung with an int: 27670116110564327271000 Press enter to finish
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Note that referral cache files are cached in memory, just as web.config files are. The referral cache file will refresh in the cache whenever it gets updated.
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scott%ORA11GR1> drop table users_tables_heap; Table dropped. scott%ORA11GR1> drop table users_indexes_heap; Table dropped. scott%ORA11GR1> create cluster user_items_cluster_btree ( 2 table_name varchar2 (30)) size 1024; Cluster created. scott%ORA11GR1> create index user_items_idx 2 on cluster user_items_cluster_btree; Index created. scott%ORA11GR1> create table t_tables 2 (table_name varchar2(30), owner varchar2(30)); Table created. scott%ORA11GR1> create table t_indexes 2 (index_name varchar2(30), index_owner varchar2(30), table_name varchar2(30), 3 table_owner varchar2(30)); Table created. scott%ORA11GR1> create table users_tables 2 (table_name varchar2(30), owner varchar2(30)) 3 cluster user_items_cluster_btree(table_name); Table created. scott%ORA11GR1> create table users_indexes 2 (index_name varchar2(30), index_owner varchar2(30), table_name varchar2(30), 3 table_owner varchar2(30)) 4 cluster user_items_cluster_btree(table_name); Table created.
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CHAPTER 3: Sync Your iPod touch with iTunes
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Indexed LINQ and CSLA .NET
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The classic approach is to put all logic into the database as the single, central repository. The interface then allows the user to enter absolutely anything (because any validation would be redundant), and the Business layer now resides inside the database. The Data Access layer does nothing but move the data into and out of the database, as shown in Figure 1-10.
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Now that you know the basics of how to get around, we will cover a few useful tips and tricks to make web browsing more enjoyable and fast on your iPod touch.
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// Anonymous method // Lambda expression
Table 2-8. Namespaces Used in the CSLA .NET Framework (Continued)
8 where first_usage_date is not null SQL> / Name Version ------------------------------------- ---------Segment Advisor Segment Advisor Automatic SQL Tuning Advisor Automatic SQL Tuning Advisor Virtual Private Database (VPD) Virtual Private Database (VPD) XDB XDB LOB LOB Object EM Database Control Encrypted Tablespaces Encrypted Tablespaces {output removed for space considerations} Oracle Text Oracle Text Recovery Area Recovery Area Resource Manager Resource Manager Server Parameter File Server Parameter File 62 rows selected. SQL> The output in Listing 14-6 shows features in the database that have been used at least once since the database was created. The task of assessing default users whose features may or may not be needed in your database can again be split into two groups. In the first group, the feature has been used, and in the second group, the feature has not been used. The output in Listing 14-6 shows the former group. Although this output is very nice, there is a problem: the output is related to features within the database, but they are not mapped to schemas installed in the database; the task of solving this problem is left to the customer. Some default accounts and features are obvious to map. For example, the XDB feature maps to the XDB schema. A more indirect example is the feature EM database control, which maps to the users SYSMAN, MGMT_VIEW, and DBSNMP. The particular example of EM highlights an issue with the DBA_FEATURE_USAGE_STATISTICS view. Database control is not being used in my database, but Oracle used it itself as part of the installation. Therefore, you must establish when the database was installed (March 3, 2008 in my case) and discount output if the first and last use was on the same day and that day is also the installation date. The DBA_FEATURE_USAGE_STATISTICS view also duplicates entries when there has been an upgrade of a feature. My database was upgraded to, so I have lots of duplicate entries that can be seen in Listing 14-6. Used -----TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE FALSE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE First --------24-APR-09 12-MAR-08 03-MAR-08 24-APR-09 19-MAR-09 24-APR-09 03-MAR-08 24-APR-09 03-MAR-08 24-APR-09 03-MAR-08 03-MAR-08 28-MAR-09 24-APR-09 24-APR-09 03-MAR-08 03-MAR-08 24-APR-09 03-MAR-08 24-APR-09 03-MAR-08 24-APR-09 Last Det --------- ---20-AUG-09 15 19-APR-09 46 19-APR-09 47 20-AUG-09 15 19-APR-09 5 20-AUG-09 15 19-APR-09 46 20-AUG-09 15 19-APR-09 47 20-AUG-09 15 19-APR-09 47 03-MAR-08 1 19-APR-09 4 20-AUG-09 15 20-AUG-09 19-APR-09 19-APR-09 20-AUG-09 19-APR-09 20-AUG-09 19-APR-09 20-AUG-09 15 47 47 15 43 15 47 15
CHAPTER 5: TanZen and Zentomino
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