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The timeout here represents the number of seconds to wait for a reply. If no reply is acquired during this time, false is returned and the caller is unblocked. A timeout value of 0 means it will wait forever. The other new feature of Connection is the ability to query for and set the connection s client info properties. This is a Properties object and works much the same as the System class does with system properties. The getter methods return all the properties, or that for one particular name. public Properties getClientInfo() public String getClientInfo(String name) The setter methods go in the opposite direction. The first version allows you to set multiple name/value pairs simultaneously. public void setClientInfo(Properties props) public void setClientInfo(String name, String value) That isn t quite it yet for client info properties. You can actually ask the
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Creating a Fake Film Repository
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Table 5-1 provides a summary of important SoapContext class properties. Many of these properties provide access to specialized classes with their own nested API. For example, the Security property provides access to the SoapHeader class called Security, which provides support members for examining existing security information and for appending new security information to the SOAP message header.
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The Brushes bucket
string val = namesArray[1, 3]; Console.WriteLine("Value: {0}", val); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } To populate a rectangular array, you define the contents of each row, separated by a comma. The content of each row consists of the content for each column in that row, also separated by a column. The code in the listing creates an array with two rows and four columns.
Your iPod touch is probably one of the best music players on the market today. The touch screen makes it easy to interact with and manage your music, playlists, cover art, and the organization of your music library. You can even connect your iPod touch to your home or car stereo via Bluetooth, so you can listen to beautiful stereo sound from your iPod touch! TIP: Check out 24: Bluetooth on your iPod touch to learn how to hook up your iPod touch to your Bluetooth stereo speakers or car stereo.
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Version 1.x of the Framework has a handful of methods hanging off of the Page object to help with client-side scripting. One of these, for example, is RegisterClientScriptBlock. This handy method accepts two strings. The first one names the script block; the second is the actual script you want to inject into the page. You use this from controls to inject script into the page while avoiding duplicate script blocks. If more than one instance of a control attempts to inject the same script block, the runtime is smart enough to inject it only once. From the previous example, you could pull the populateListB method out into a file named Interdepends.js. From the implementation of the interdependent lists control, you could add a line of code to include it: this.RegisterClientScriptBlock( "Interdepends", "<script language='JavaScript1.2' src='/Interdepends.js'>"); This is a two-fold improvement over the previous example. It gets the script out into its own file (for easier maintenance and versioning), and it guarantees that the block will be included in the page only once.
The <service> Element
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