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Benefits of Managed Code
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Fixing Weak Passwords
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There are several variations you can implement for the individual steps in this design pattern. We will look at two approaches that should cover most basic authorization requirements.
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RID: Param
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The first time you go to a web site where you have to enter a username and password, you type them and press Submit or Enter. At that time, AutoFill will ask if you want to remember them. Tap Yes if you want them to be remembered and next time automatically entered.
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// Enclosing class // Fields of enclosing class // Reference to nested class
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The Paint Bucket tool, shown in Figure 2-11, allows you to select an object, and then when you click this tool Blend copies the object s properties, such as the fill color, stroke fill and thickness, opacity, and so on. You can click another object to apply these attributes.
Figure 3-12. If the workflow is configured to allow this option, participants can choose to assign a task to another user.
Listing 9-3. Reversing a String Through ScriptEngine Bindings
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