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The central metadata table of the group, the Field table, has the associated token type mdtFieldDef (0x04000000). A record in this table has three entries: Flags (2-byte unsigned integer). Binary flags indicating the field s characteristics. Name (offset in the #Strings stream). The field s name. Signature (offset in the #Blob stream). The field s signature. As you can see, a Field record does not contain one vital piece of information: which class or value type owns the field. The information about field ownership is furnished by the class descriptor itself: records in the TypeDef table have FieldList entries, which hold the RID in the Field table where the first of the type s fields can be found. In the simplest case, the ILAsm syntax for a field declaration is as follows: .field <flags> <type> <name> The owner of a field is the class or value type in the lexical scope of which the field is defined. A field s binary flags are defined in the CorHdr.h file in the enumeration CorFieldAttr and can be divided into four groups, as described in the following list. I m using ILAsm keywords instead of the constant names from CorFieldAttr, as I don t think the constant names are relevant. Accessibility flags (mask 0x0007): privatescope (0x0000). This is the default accessibility. A private scope field is exempt from the requirement of having a unique triad of owner, name, and signature and hence must always be referenced by a FieldDef token and never by a MemberRef token (0x0A000000), because member references are resolved to the definitions by exactly this triad. The privatescope fields are accessible from anywhere within current module. private (0x0001). The field is accessible from its owner and from classes nested in the field s owner. Global private fields are accessible from anywhere within current module. famandassem (0x0002). The field is accessible from types belonging to the owner s family defined in the current assembly. The term family here means the type itself and all its descendants. assembly (0x0003). The field is accessible from types defined in the current assembly. family (0x0004). The field is accessible from the owner s family (defined in this or any other assembly). famorassem (0x0005). The field is accessible from the owner s family (defined in this or any other assembly) and from all types (of the owner s family or not) defined in the current assembly. public (0x0006). The field is accessible from any type.
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Even with per-pixel shading enabled, some metallic or shiny objects you render will still look a bit dull. In real life, when looking at a reflective surface such as metal, glass, or some plastic, you will see the area where the light source reflected is very bright. Such an area is indicated by the circle in Figure 6-6. These bright spots are called specular highlights.
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Programming Entity Framework by Julia Lerman (O Reilly, 2009); a fantastic book can t recommend enough) http://thedatafarm.com/blog/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ADO.NET_Entity_Framework http://blogs.msdn.com/efdesign/ http://blogs.msdn.com/adonet/ http://codebetter.com/blogs/ian_cooper/archive/2008/06/26/the-criticism-ofthe-entity-framework-is-not-just-around-domain-driven-design.aspx http://efvote.wufoo.com/forms/ado-net-entity-framework-vote-of-noconfidence/ http://ormbattle.NET/ http://ayende.com/blog/
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Immutable Classes Are Efficient Classes
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// Invoke obsolete method.
Tip To get an idea what tangent space looks like, imagine yourself standing on a pixel of the cylinder
// Get the current date and time. // Get the hour. // Return an int.
CHAPTER 9: Playing Music
The PTWebService website will only run within IIS, not within ASP.NET Development Server (commonly known as Cassini or VS Host). ASP.NET Development Server (provided with Visual Studio) has various limitations among them is the inability to load custom security objects from assemblies in the Bin directory. This means you can t use ASP.NET Development Server to test or debug custom principal objects, custom membership providers, or other custom security objects if they are in an assembly referenced from the project. Though this is an unfortunate limitation, it can be argued that ASP.NET Development Server is not intended for anything beyond hobbyist or casual usage, and that IIS should be used for any serious business development.
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