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the like. They were spending their time developing, designing, fine-tuning, and enhancing software that was trying to do the same thing the database they already bought did! Meanwhile, end users were asking for new features but not getting them, because the bulk of the development time was in this reporting engine, which really was a database engine in disguise. I showed them that they could do things such as join two aggregations together in order to compare data that was stored at different levels of detail. Several approaches are possible, as illustrated in Listings 1-1 through 1-3. Listing 1-1. Inline Views to Query from a Query select p.id, c1_sum1, c2_sum2 from p, (select id, sum(q1) c1_sum1 from c1 group by id) c1, (select id, sum(q2) c2_sum2 from c2 group by id) c2 where p.id = c1.id and p.id = c2.id / Listing 1-2. Scalar Subqueries that Run Another Query per Row select p.id, (select sum(q1) from c1 where c1.id = p.id) c1_sum1, (select sum(q2) from c2 where c2.id = p.id) c2_sum2 from p where p.name = "1234" / Listing 1-3. Subquery Factoring via the WITH Clause with c1_vw as (select id, sum(q1) c1_sum1 from c1 group by id), c2_vw as (select id, sum(q2) c2_sum2 from c2 group by id), c1_c2 as (select c1.id, c1.c1_sum1, c2.c2_sum2 from c1_vw c1, c2_vw c2 where c1.id = c2.id ) select p.id, c1_sum1, c2_sum2 from p, c1_c2 where p.id = c1_c2.id /
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iTunes on your computer
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n 1, I discussed some general concepts about physical and logical n-tier architecture, including a 5-layer model for describing systems logically. In this chapter, I take that 5-layer logical model and expand it into a framework design. Specifically, this chapter will map the logical layers against the technologies illustrated in Figure 2-1.
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Figure 5-15. Wrong ways to define a terrain using a TriangleStrip You can solve this by defining the second row, starting from the right. However, simply starting from the index you ended with is not a good idea, because the long sides of the triangles of both rows will have a different direction. You want your triangles to have a uniform orientation, as in recipe 5-9.
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Figure 9-12. The LabelText property of the InputFormControl renders just above the controls it contains and is useful for labeling the controls. The secret to this little gem lies in the markup that you place within its opening and closing tags. You can place any valid HTML or ASP.NET tag in there and the control will take care of wrapping it properly to render as part of the form. For an example, see the sample code in Listing 9-19. You ll see that it has a regular HTML table and two ASP radio buttons. Nothing too fancy, but the result, as shown back in Figure 9-11, is a nice-looking label for our contained controls. The final user control we need to look at is the ButtonSection control. As you will likely have guessed from the name, this control renders the buttons for your form. There are two properties available to customize the rendering of this control, as shown in Table 9-5.
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Before computers, workflows were handled manually, usually by a secretary or low-level manager. For example, back in the dark ages (i.e., when I was in college in the 80s) the secretary of the MIS department for the college played the role of what we now call the workflow engine. She would take in documents and manually deliver paper copies to professors or computer operators for review or approval. She had a separate calendar on her desk where she would write herself reminders to follow up on documents and remind people to review them in a few days. To remind people, she would walk to their office and talk to them, talk to them in the hallway, or place a note (an actual physical piece of paper gasp!) in their mailbox. For what we now call long-running workflows, she had a tickler file a collection of file folders in a filing cabinet into which she would place copies of documents that she needed to do something with at some point in the future. Every Monday morning she would check the tickler file for the current month to see if there was anything she needed to act on. If there were, she would pull out the paper copy and route it or act on it appropriately. The system worked great with only the occasional hiccup when she was out sick until she and her husband moved out of state. Suddenly, the entire department fell apart for a few weeks while the new secretary got up to speed on the system. Documents didn t get circulated, people felt out of touch, and work fell through the cracks. It was really ugly for about a month. Then the new secretary had a handle on everything; she had learned the process and caught up on everything that had fallen behind. All was right again with the world. A computer s role in workflow is merely to automate that manual process. Like most other computerized processes, the computer isn t doing anything that couldn t be done by a human being, as you saw earlier. It is just doing it more quickly, efficiently, and without cigarette breaks. You also don t have to worry about the computer moving out of state. However, in a sense, something is missing from computerized workflows human intelligence and adaptability.
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Figure 6-87. The PlayMedia Behavior.
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Lambda Expressions
You have to specifically attach tags and do things that are specific to a serialization technique (for example, XML serialization attributes aren t usable in binary serialization). If you change the internal structure of your data class, then binary serialization can become problematic due to data members that are new or have been removed.3 XML serialization breaks the Immutable pattern, because all properties must have a get and set method, and there must be a parameterless constructor. Serialization can conflict with existing architectures and can make them less secure and maintainable. You may experience odd behavior in that what works with one serialization technique might not work with another serialization technique. In a nutshell, serialization is problematic in that you need to decide what medium you want to serialize to. Once you decide, you re locked into that medium. Of course, you can use different attributes, recompile the source code, and run the application to use another medium. But there is no magic solution with respect to serialization and universal .NET attributes. Going back to the introduction of the chapter, this is why persistence is a topic for never-ending debate.
Operator Overloading
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