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Whatever you decide, the goal should be faster access that is not overly taxing to (hard on) the system. For example, creating one single column B*Tree index for every single column included in a predicate somewhere within the application is not necessarily going to make your access faster. However, such an indexing scheme is guaranteed to create more work for your system because every DML statement executed against table values will need to execute similar DML statements against any similar column value indexes. Therefore, your indexing strategies, like everything else involved in application design, require careful consideration. In addition to IOTs, B*Tree clusters, and hash clusters, you should really research function-based indexes (FBIs) and domain indexes to see whether they would be useful for your application s access needs. For instance, in those cases where you find you must index string values, you might consider using a function-based index that converts the string value to uppercase (if the value is stored in mixed case, that is) in order to help you provide your users with fast, caseinsensitive searches. You ll also find that if you are using features such as Oracle Text, Visual Information Retrieval, Expression Filter, or Oracle Spatial (just to name a few), Oracle provides special domain indexes on unstructured datatypes. Such datatypes include those that hold data for text (like the stored WHERE clauses used for Expression Filter functionality), video, audio, image (like the ORDSYS.ORDIMAGE type used for Visual Information Retrieval), and spatial data. FBIs can be tremendously helpful when your goal is to perform conditional indexing. When you want some, but not all, rows indexed, based on some condition being met, FBIs can be invaluable. For example, a situation where I recently used an FBI successfully took place as follows. Someone had placed a bitmap index in a column that had five possible values: 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4. A high preponderance of rows contained the values 1 and 3. Because of this low cardinality, someone decided to place a bitmap index on this column specifically to assist with the case where, in many filter conditions throughout the application, WHERE info_id = 3 appeared. Because this table was a high-transactional table, the frequent amount of DML performed on both the table and the bitmap index assured that performance soon slowed to a miserable crawl. As a result of a quick discussion with Tom Kyte of asktom.oracle.com fame, the bitmap index was subsequently replaced with a B*Tree index (subsequently made into an FBI) created as follows: create index info_fbi on info_table( case when info_id = 3 then info_id else NULL end );
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Having the STL/CLR classes implement the .NET collection interfaces also makes these collection types work better with generics. You might encounter a generic class or function that uses ICollection, IEnumerable, or IList as a constraint. You could use an STL/CLR container in a generic function, as in Listing 12-19. Listing 12-19. Using an STL/CLR in a Generic Function // generic_method_with_stlclr_collection.cpp #include <cliext\vector> using namespace System; using namespace System::Collections::Generic; using namespace cliext; generic <typename CollectionType, typename ItemType> where CollectionType : IList<ItemType> void Reverse(CollectionType collection) {
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be instantiated itself; only its children will be instantiated. I explain why this is done in a moment. First, enter the following code: namespace OOP { public abstract class Fruit {
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New to the iPod touch this year is the iMovie app that Mac users have been using for some time. With iMovie, you can actually create movies by joining movie clips, adding pictures and transitions, and then adding your own audio track. When you re finished, you can upload the movie to the Web. In the next section, you will learn how to add video clips, audio, pictures, and transitions. You will also learn how to produce a high quality, high definition video right on your iPod touch.
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Data Portal Events
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Azure storage can be accessed by any application that can send an HTTP request, so don't think that you are confined to using this service with just .NET applications. Azure storage can also be tested locally by using the development storage. To access the development storage control panel, right-click on the Windows Azure blue flag and select the show development fabric UI option. The Development Storage management screen should then appear, showing the end points each of the storage service is running at (Figure 16-17):
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Creating Events Without Custom Data
Tip Recipe 5-7 describes how you can calculate the shared normals for larger objects automatically.
Field; RID Type: 04; Token Type: 0x04000000; MD Streams: #~, #-
Say that client Z a large corporation, but without the international element has some enormous tables partitioned by month. This client also allows Oracle s automatic stats-collection job to run every night at 10 p.m. Unfortunately, they find that some time around the middle of the month (after running perfectly well for the first couple of weeks), a few execution plans for the morning reports can vary quite dramatically from day to day leading to delays in reporting and poor response times during the morning. The problem is in the automation. The job gathers statistics if more than 10 percent of the data has changed based on comparing the number of rows inserted, updated, and deleted with the number of rows believed to be in the table. (11g allows the percentage to be configured at multiple levels.)
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