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The same compilation and execution process is followed regardless of the language of the original source files. Figure 1-5 illustrates the entire compilation and run-time processes for three programs written in different languages.
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essage-oriented Web services are the building blocks for service-oriented applications. In the previous chapter, you learned how message-oriented Web services are constructed, and what sets them apart from traditional RPC-style Web services. The main difference is that messages typically include complex types that are defined using custom XML schema files. Message-oriented Web services are effective at executing operations, whereby the input parameters feed into a process rather than dictating the process. In contrast, procedure-style method calls are straightforward operations with a strong dependency on the input arguments. For example, the message-oriented StockTrader Web service provides a PlaceTrade operation that accepts the trade specifications, executes a complex trade operation, and then returns the details of the trade encapsulated in a complex data type (the Trade object). The simple input parameters trigger a complex operation and cause a complex type to be returned. There is no direct correlation between the input parameters and the complexity of the operation. In contrast, one example of a procedure-style Web method is a simple arithmetic Add operation that accepts two numeric input parameters. This Web method has nothing complicated happening internally, nor does it require that a complex data type be returned. What you get out of the method is directly correlated to what you send into it. In this chapter, we need to make another conceptual leap, this time from messageoriented Web services to service-oriented Web services. Messages do not go away in this new architecture; they are just as important as ever. What is different is that Web services are not the central player in the architecture.
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color we used. So to change it, select the Fill property for the new rectangle and click Solid color brush, as I am doing in Figure 2-39.
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Similarly remove the MessageBox and implement the print image functionality for the printimage_Click event, as shown here. Note that we set PageVisual to the ImageStage control (see highlighted text) to print only the displayed image and also pass the appropriate document name to the Print method. private void printimage_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { contextMenu.IsOpen = false; PrintDocument pdoc = new PrintDocument(); // Set the printable area
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// Accessing the static class member
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Having read the data, I reposition the cursor back at the start of the Stream and write new values: myStream.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin); for (int i = 10; i < 15; i++) { Console.WriteLine("Writing value: {0}", i); myStream.WriteByte((byte)i); } myStream.Flush(); As each value is written, the cursor is advanced to the next position, and the existing values are overwritten by the new values. When the write operations have completed (and the Flush method has been called to ensure that the data is not buffered), the Stream is as shown in Figure 20-5.
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Date Handling
} The code in Listing 11-16 looks good. But it if you open the example project for this chapter, you ll see that the code won t compile. Figure 11-4 shows you the Visual Studio screen where one of the errors has been flagged.
<asp:Timer ID="Timer1" runat="server" </asp:Timer> Interval="4000" OnTick="Timer1_Tick">
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