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Maps are all very nice, but without any kind of attribution and labeling, they lose their usefulness after a while. Fortunately, VE maps support graphical pushpins that allow you to highlight specific locations on the map. You have already seen pushpins in Figure 9-1 when searching for Barnes and Noble bookstores in the Chicago area. In version 5.0 of the VE SDK, pushpins are now specified as an enumeration of the VEShapeLayer class. This class contains rich functionality around rendering various shapes and objects, including images on the VEMap control. The VEShapeType enumeration includes Pushpin, Polyline, and Polygon. For the purposes of this chapter, only pushpins are discussed. Let s view a simple example of using pushpins. Consider the following script and markup:
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When you apply AttributeUsage to an attribute declaration, the constructor will have at least the one required parameter, which contains the target types to be stored in ValidOn. You can also optionally set the Inherited and AllowMultiple properties by using named parameters. If you don't set them, they'll have their default values, as shown in Table 24-4. As an example, the next code block specifies the following about MyAttribute: MyAttribute must be applied only to classes. MyAttribute is not inherited by classes derived from classes to which it is applied. There cannot be multiple instances of MyAttribute applied to the same target.
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2. Draw a Rectangle in the workspace, as shown in Figure 2-14.
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Your First WPF Application
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I suggest logging out of that SQL*Plus session and logging back in before continuing, in order to get a consistent environment, or one in which no work has been done yet. Now, we will want to be able to measure the session memory of the session running the big ORDER BY queries from a second separate session. If we used the same session, our query to see how much memory we are using for sorting might itself influence the very numbers we are looking at. To measure the memory from this second session, we"ll use a small SQL*Plus script I developed for this. It is actually a pair of scripts; you ll be told when to run them by the run_query.sql script. The one that resets a small table and sets a SQL*Plus variable to the SID we want to watch is called reset_stat.sql: drop table sess_stats; create table sess_stats ( name varchar2(64), value number, diff number ); variable sid number exec :sid := &1
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The CaptureDevice class of System.Windows.Media provides common properties of AudioCaptureDevice and VideoCaptureDevice classes. Once the permission is granted, it basically shows which devices are connected to the application, which you can also find in the Webcam/Mic tab of the Silverlight Configuration dialog box (that you can open by right-clicking on the application and selecting the Silverlight option). Figure 4-16 shows the Webcam/Mic tab of the Silverlight configuration dialog box detailing that both default audio and video devices are selected for that given session. Manually, you can change the device selection by selecting one of the available audio and video devices in that tab.
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For images that don t have transparency information, you can specify a color that will be treated as transparent. You do this by setting the color key inside the properties of your image. To do this, select your image in your Solution Explorer so its properties are shown on the bottom right of your window, as shown in Figure 3-3. Find Color Key Color, and change it to the color of your choice. Wherever this color is found in your image, it will be treated as completely transparent. Make sure color keying is enabled by setting Color Key Enabled to True.
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Using System.Array Members
Creating the WCF Client
Constructed using symbols and the operators !, ==, !=, &&, ||
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