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You need to connect your iPod touch to iTunes to activate it if you see a black screen like the one here, showing a USB cable plugging into iTunes. If that's the case, skip to the iTunes and Your iPod touch section later in this chapter to find out how to get your iPod touch going.
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The ProjectTracker solution in the code download for this book (available at includes the virtual root and web.config file discussed in the following sections.
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Consider the following scenario. It is Friday, five o clock p.m. You have plans for the evening. You are signing out and logging off, when your phone rings. That new application that was just moved into production appears to be having problems. The question posed to you is Can you log on and see if there is something wrong with the database Something wrong with the database. How many times have you heard a question posed like that And because production code is deemed the responsibility of the DBAs at your company, this problem now falls to you and your team. So you log in to the new application and notice several problems right away: Clicking a link (presumably parameterized) presents you with the familiar hourglass icon for what seems like an eternity. The application allows the user to dynamically create Data Manipulation Language (DML) statements, and when you do so, with very few filters, you again find yourself staring at the hourglass icon for an interminable amount of time. You decide to have a look at exactly how many users are accessing this application right now and discover that it is fewer than a hundred. Some of them have active sessions that have been working for nearly 20 minutes.
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#ifndef __GRAPHICS_H__ #define __GRAPHICS_H__ void InitGraphics(); void ExitGraphics(); void LoadBallGraphic(); void FreeBallGraphic(); void DrawBall( float x, float y, float Radius ); void ClearBackground(); void DrawArrow(); #endif // __GRAPHICS_H__ //
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With your vertices defined, you re ready to start coding on your .fx file.
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int TheRealValue = 10; int MyValue TheRealValue = value; } return TheRealValue; }
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Execution plans generated for SQL statements containing bind variables may not be reliable, especially when bind peeking and histograms are involved. DBMS_XPLAN.DISPLAY_CURSOR with NULL specified for the first two parameters displays the actual execution plan used for the last SQL statement submitted to the database instance. Sample execution plans generated by DBMS_XPLAN follow using the dataset created by this script: SQL> 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 SQL> 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 CREATE TABLE T3 AS SELECT ROWNUM C1, LPAD("A",100,"A") C2 FROM DUAL CONNECT BY LEVEL<=10000; CREATE TABLE T4 AS SELECT ROWNUM C1, LPAD("A",100,"A") C2 FROM DUAL CONNECT BY LEVEL<=10000;
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The UndoChanges() method is the reverse of CopyState(). It takes a snapshot of data off the stack, deserializes it back into a Hashtable, and then takes each value from the Hashtable and restores it into the appropriate object field. Like CopyState(), once this method is complete, a virtual UndoChangesComplete() method is called to allow subclasses to take additional actions. This method will be overridden later in Csla.Core.BusinessBase. The hard issues of walking through the types in the object s inheritance hierarchy and finding all the fields in the object were solved in the implementation of CopyState(). The structure of UndoChanges() will therefore be virtually identical, except that it will restore field values rather than taking a snapshot. Since the overall structure of UndoChanges() is essentially the reverse of CopyState(), I won t show the entire code here. Rather, I ll focus on the key functionality.
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