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From these examples you can see that you can easily combine the XML API with the LINQ query facilities to produce powerful XML querying capabilities.
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return People.FirstOrDefault(p => p.Name == Name);
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The first problem is one of application architecture, and you need to decide if it makes sense for you to have the security mechanism talk directly to a database while your business code uses an application server to talk to the business database. The second problem can be overcome with just a bit of code. You need to wrap the ASP.NET membership principal in a CSLA .NET style principal. There are two parts to this. First, you need a custom principal class; second, you need to add some code to Global.asax. A custom principal class to wrap the ASP.NET principal object would look like this: [Serializable()] public class MembershipPrincipal : Csla.Security.BusinessPrincipalBase { private System.Security.Principal.IPrincipal _principal; public MembershipPrincipal( System.Security.Principal.IPrincipal principal) : base(principal.Identity) { _principal = principal; } public override bool IsInRole(string role) { return _principal.IsInRole(role); } } The code in Global.asax takes the ASP .NET principal and wraps it within a MembershipPrincipal: protected void Application_AcquireRequestState( object sender, System.EventArgs e) { Csla.ApplicationContext.User = new MembershipPrincipal(HttpContext.Current.User); } This code sets the ApplicationContext object s User property to use the new MembershipPrincipal. This way, the original user information and list of roles are preserved, but the actual principal object used by the application inherits from BusinessPrincipalBase. The result is that the data portal can impersonate the web user on the application server. At this point, you should have an understanding of how the website is organized. It references ProjectTracker.Library and uses a master page and theme to provide a consistent, manageable appearance for the site. It also uses a mix of ASP.NET login controls and the prebuilt ProjectTracker security objects to implement custom authentication. Now let s move on and discuss the pages that provide actual business behaviors.
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The purpose of logging is to understand what an application is doing, and when it s doing it. A simple way to generate logging messages would be to use the priority levels to generate the errors and everything else. Generating errors isn t the problem, because errors are easy to locate. The rest of the priorities are more difficult. For example, when generating debug messages, you might wonder what constitutes a debug message. If the debug message is overused, then the
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CHAPTER 1: Getting Started
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Explicit: This type of dependency control is only useful in situations where a property is updated by a call to a method that for one reason or another (perhaps it is a third-party control) cannot be modified to add attribute-based dependency information. We ll look at this in just a moment. Attribute-Based Dependencies There are three specific attributes available for developers to decorate their methods with for use with rules: [RuleRead("property_name")]: The associated method reads the specified property value. [RuleWrite("property_name")]: The associated method writes to the specified property. [RuleInvoke("method_name")]: The associated method makes a call to another method. The first method gets decorated with RuleInvoke and the name of the second method. The second method gets decorated with RuleRead or RuleWrite and the name of the property involved.
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BizTalk Server ships with a few stock adapters that you can use: File FTP HTTP MQSeries MSMQ POP3 SOAP SQL SharePoint Services As you can see from this list, it is somewhat obvious what an adapter might do: It provides a communication method for a particular transfer method. So if you have a vendor that provides files via FTP you have an adapter that is uniquely suited to that form of transaction. , You ll be using the File adapter as the conduit of choice for this chapter s sample application. This will allow you to physically connect your BizTalk message box to an actual folder location on the hard drive.
Figure 7-14. Inheriting across assemblies
Adding Notes to Calendar Events
Generic Collection Replacement
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