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The following code shows an abstract class called AbClass with two methods. The first method is a normal method with an implementation that prints out the name of the class. The second method is an abstract method that must be implemented in a derived class. Class DerivedClass inherits from AbClass, and implements and overrides the abstract method. Main creates an object of DerivedClass and calls its two methods. Keyword abstract class AbClass { public void IdentifyBase() { Console.WriteLine("I am AbClass"); } Keyword abstract public void IdentifyDerived(); } class DerivedClass : AbClass { Keyword override public void IdentifyDerived() { Console.WriteLine("I am DerivedClass"); } } class Example { static void Main() { // AbClass a = new AbClass(); // a.IdentifyDerived();
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The group clause groups the selected objects according to some criterion. For example, with the array of students in the previous examples, the program could group the students according to their majors. The important things to know about the group clause are the following: When items are included in the result of the query, they are placed in groups according to the value of a particular field. The value on which items are grouped is called the key. Unlike the select clause, the group clause does not return an enumerable that can enumerate the items from the original source. Instead, it returns an enumerable that enumerates the groups of items that have been formed. The groups themselves are enumerable, and can enumerate the actual items. An example of the syntax of the group clause is the following: group student by student.Major; Keyword Keyword For example, the following code groups the students according to their majors: static void Main( ) { var students = new[] { new { LName="Jones", new { LName="Smith", new { LName="Fleming", };
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1.Retrieve WSDL
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In RAC, if the rows are inserted from multiple instances, the result will be many global waits, such as buffer busy global.
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Similar facilities exist for WSDL documents, which are made available as Web Service proxies; XML Schema Definition (XSD) documents, which become exposed as strongly-typed datasets; and resources. Of course, this whole dynamic compilation model requires you to deploy your code to your production server, which not everyone is going to be thrilled about. It also does nothing to address the problem of run-time compilation causing a huge performance hit for the first request of every page in the site. These problems have not gone unchecked, though. They re addressed by precompilation (a feature so cool they made up a new word for it).
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The BusinessBase class implements three virtual methods that are used to determine whether the current user is allowed to read, write, or execute individual properties and methods. The ReadOnlyBase class implements only CanReadProperty() because it is designed to support read-only objects. These methods are virtual so a business developer can override and extend their behavior. By default, these methods simply check the list of allowed and denied roles associated with each property or method. To enhance performance, the result of a role check is cached and is only rechecked if the current principal object changes. This is particularly valuable in a WPF or Windows Forms application, where the principal will only change if the user logs in or out of the application (when using custom authentication). It has less value in web applications because the server is typically stateless and so the business object (and thus its cache) is destroyed at the end of each page or service request. For example, here s the CanReadProperty() method from BusinessBase: [EditorBrowsable(EditorBrowsableState.Advanced)] public virtual bool CanReadProperty(string propertyName) { bool result = true; VerifyAuthorizationCache(); if (!_readResultCache.TryGetValue(propertyName, out result)) { result = true;
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into such a program. We also looked at using the Windows API Code Pack, which provides support for accessing Windows 7/Vista-specific features such as jump lists and windows transparency. Windows Forms has fallen out of favor since WPF arrived on the scene. This is a shame, because Windows Forms is rich in features and incredibly widely used. It lacks some of the flashy features that WPF supports, since these are rarely used in business programs. I recommend you don t dismiss Windows Forms and consider it seriously for your interface projects.
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