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Some people have found the IEditableObject interface to be extremely challenging, especially if they are trying to create a UI that doesn t want to use all the data binding features. Windows Forms data binding uses this interface in numerous scenarios, and it can sometimes make life harder rather than easier. To minimize this pain, it is possible to disable the interface by setting a DisableIEditableObject property on a specific business object.
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The main change here is the line where you call the origSphere.Transform method. This method gives you the same BoundingSphere but transformed with the World matrix. In this case, transSphere will be 100 times smaller than origSphere, and its center will be moved 5 units along the x-axis. Only if the resulting sphere collides with the camera frustum will you render the Model.
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Figure 1-5. Web browser based request/response architecture
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Chain< StreamingControlImpl< Item>> chain = new Chain< StreamingControlImpl<Item>>(); chain.AddLink( Factory.CreateSearchTV( "lcd" ) ); chain.AddLink( Factory.CreateFilterPrice( 1000, 2000 ) ); chain.AddLink(Factory.CreateReviewRating( 4.0 ) ); chain.AddLink( Factory.CreateOutput() ); StreamingControlImpl<Item> controldata = new StreamingControlImpl<Item>(); chain.Process( controldata );
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Code Samples and Updates
In addition to the bigger AWT changes just described, there are a handful of smaller changes worth mentioning. The Font class now has five new constants, one for each of the logical font families defined by the Java platform: SERIF, SANS_SERIF, MONOSPACED, DIALOG, and DIALOG_INPUT. No longer do you have to worry about typos in these names if you use the constants. The MouseEvent class now supports getting the absolute x and y coordinates of the event via its new methods getLocationOnScreen(), getXOnScreen(), and getYOnScreen(). The location is specified by a Point, while the x and y locations are specified by an int. Lastly, the AffineTransform class offers about a dozen new methods to support additional rotation options many to better support quadrant rotations, like 90-, 180-, and 270-degree rotations.
Powers of two are just a commonly used convention. You can, in fact, create a database with a 5KB, 7KB, or nKB block size, where n is between 2KB and 32KB. I don t advise making use of this fact in real life, though stick with the usual as your block size. Using non-standard block sizes could easily become a support issue if you are the only one using a 5KB block size, you may well encounter issues that other users would simply never see.
CHAPTER 1: Simplify the User Interface for Complex Games: Chess, the Deep Green Way
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