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Elevated-Trusted Silverlight Applications vs. Partially Trusted Silverlight Applications
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In Outline Form, each Row Label item is on a separate row, and each Row Label field is in a separate column. The labels for the outer fields are always above the labels for the related inner fields, and the subtotals can be at the top or the bottom of the group. In Tabular Form, each Row Label field is in a separate column. The labels for the outer fields are on the same row as the first label for the related inner fields, and the subtotals can only be shown at the bottom of the group (see Figure 4-19).
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Unit of Time
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Having created the TextWriterTraceListener, I register it with the Debug class as follows:
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The previous code starts from two arrays containing the vertices and indices. If you already stored them in Buffers in the video RAM (see recipe 5-4) and you haven t kept a local copy, you have to get the data back. This is how you do that: int numberOfVertices = myVertexBuffer.SizeInBytes / VertexPositionNormalTexture.SizeInBytes; VertexPositionNormalTexture[] vertices = new VertexPositionNormalTexture[numberOfVertices]; myVertexBuffer.GetData(vertices); int numberOfIndices = myIndexBuffer.SizeInBytes / 4; int[] indices = new int[numberOfIndices]; myIndexBuffer.GetData(indices); You find the number of vertices in your VertexBuffer by looking at how many bytes it occupies. Since you know how many bytes one vertex occupies, you can find how many of your vertices fit in the VertexBuffer.
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Figure 10-21. The timeline editor in Expression Blend The reason the object hierarchy and timeline editing are combined within the same pane is that each object has a corresponding line in the timeline. The control bar at the top of the timeline editor has buttons to change the current frame to the first frame, the previous frame, the next frame, or the last frame. The center button is the play button and runs the animation on the design surface. The only type of animation Expression Blend supports is keyframe, which is reflected in the organization of the timeline editor. The default interpolation used is spline, with the default control points set to effectively create linear interpolation. Make sure the rectangle object is highlighted in gray in the object hierarchy, and then click the small plus button next to the time signature. This creates a keyframe with the rectangle in its current position at time 0:0:0. A small white oval appears under the 0-second vertical, showing that a keyframe exists at this time for the corresponding object. Next, click the 1 on top of the timeline s 1-second vertical. This moves the yellow marker to the 1-second line. Next, after ensuring that the rectangle is currently highlighted on the design surface, hold down the Shift key and press the right arrow key to move the rectangle quickly along a straight horizontal line. Stop somewhere close to the right edge of the design surface. As soon as you start moving the rectangle, a new keyframe is created at the 1-second line, shown with another gray oval. The keyframe s target property is set to whatever value corresponds to where you complete the movement. Figure 10-22 shows what the timeline looks like after moving the rectangle to a new position at the 1-second mark.
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Defining the Configuration File
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Decrement Exchange
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CHAPTER 6: Multiplatform Game Development: iPhone Games for Linux and Windows
Note System administrators can set the local computer policies that disable installation and execution of the out-of-browser Silverlight applications with elevated trust. However, if the OOB application with elevated trust is already installed before the policy is applied or if the application is installed by the system administrator, it will work without any restrictions. Get more information on group policies settings for Silverlight applications by visiting
s Note that the parent object here might be a root object, or it might be a child itself child objects can be Tip nested, if that s what the business object model requires. In other words, this concept supports not only root-child, but also child-grandchild and grandchild-to-great-grandchild relationships.
Table 9-1. The WCF Service Manager Objects
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