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Reloading the Principal
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Only the declaration of a generic class itself has a type parameter list; all references to a generic type can be only generic instantiations. For example, the following notation of the previous example is wrong because it presumes the parent type and implemented interfaces have type parameters, when in fact they are instantiations with parameterized context: .class public A`2<T,U> extends B`1<T> implements IX`1<T>, IY`1<U> // Illegal { ... } The same rule applies to the specification of the constraints of generic parameters. For example: .class public SortedList`1<(class [mscorlib]System.IComparable`1<!T>) T> extends class List`1<!T> { ... } Here I declare a generic sorted list, the type parameter of which must implement the interface System.IComparable`1 of itself (otherwise how could I possibly sort the list ). One important note: the type parameters of a generic type are indeed considered rightful types within the generic type s scope, but they are not instantiations. So, you cannot use the naked type parameters in the extends or implements clause. The following code example is wrong: .class public AnyonesChild`1<T> extends !T // Illegal { ... } This restriction allows the runtime to check the generic type validity at declaration time rather than at instantiation time. The latter is possible in principle but might be very expensive. At the same time you can use naked type parameters as constraints of other type parameters. For example, the following declaration is perfectly legal: .class public ParentChild`2<T, (!T)U> // U must be descendant of T { ... }
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If this means nothing to you, read on. Variance is a confusing subject, and I suspect you can have a happy development career without it ever really affecting you. It is only applicable in a rare number of situations.
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TimelineMarker Collection
This event fires whenever the collection of columns has a change. It can be associated with an action to perform when this happens. This event fires whenever a property on the control changes. It can be used to trigger a custom action.
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