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step, the method AddExtension of Subject is called, and the implementation instances impl1 and impl2 are added. The last step would be to call the Factory.CreateInstance method and use both the IBase1 and IBase2 interface instances. Following is a simple example of the NUnit test code for this step: [TestFixture] public class TestDynamicExtensions { [Test] public void TestSimple() { IBase1 base1 = Factory.CreateInstance(); IBase2 base2 = ((ISubject)base1).GetExtension< IBase2>(); Assert.IsNotNull( base2); Assert.AreEqual( 2, base2.Value()); base1 = ((ISubject)base2).GetExtension< Extensions.IBase1>(); Assert.IsNotNull( base1); Assert.AreEqual( 1, base1.Value()); } } The variable base1 is instantiated and is type IBase1, which means it s the implementation instance of Implementation1. Then in the next line where base2 is assigned, a typecast to ISubject is performed with a GetExtension method call to retrieve an instance of IBase2. The variable base2 will reference the implementation instance Implementation2. Unlike the Static Extension pattern example, the references of base1 and base2 won t be identical. However, the client using base1 and base2 doesn t know that. Several lines down the GetExtension method is called again to illustrate how it s possible to retrieve the IBase1 implementation instance from the IBase2 implementation instance.
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This is often far easier than the process required to enable SSL on a web server.
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Figure 7-15. Areas of accessibility
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So within your port, you ll be constructing a location. This will represent your physical intake of data. As you can see in Figure 8-1, the location, much like the port, is composed of components: receive adapters and receive pipelines.
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Adding and removing items to the view is done through the AddNew(), Insert(), and RemoveAt() methods. AddNew() and RemoveAt() are handled in a similar manner: public object AddNew() { object result; if (_supportsBinding) { _initiatedLocally = true; result = _bindingList.AddNew(); _initiatedLocally = false; OnListChanged( new ListChangedEventArgs( ListChangedType.ItemAdded, _bindingList.Count - 1)); } else result = null; return result; } public void RemoveAt(int index) { if (_sorted) { _initiatedLocally = true; int baseIndex = OriginalIndex(index); // remove the item from the source list _list.RemoveAt(baseIndex);
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INDEX_NAME -----------------------------SYS_C004999 SYS_IL0000063214C00004$$ SYS_IL0000063214C00006$$ SYS_IL0000063214C00015$$ SYS_IL0000063214C00016$$ SYS_IL0000063214C00017$$ SYS_IL0000063214C00018$$ SYS_IL0000063214C00019$$ SYS_IL0000063214C00026$$ SYS_IL0000063214C00027$$ SYS_IL0000063214C00028$$ SYS_IL0000063214C00029$$ SYS_IL0000063214C00030$$ SYS_IL0000063214C00031$$ SYS_IL0000063214C00034$$ SYS_IL0000063214C00035$$ SYS_IL0000063214C00037$$ SYS_IL0000063214C00038$$ SYS_IL0000063214C00039$$ UNIQUE_WFS_FT_COND
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As with the root objects, you may or may not need to load default values from the database when creating a child object.
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Types of Arrays
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System.Web.UI. PageHandlerFactory
At first glance, Figure 1-5 may not seem any simpler. However, once you come to grips with how state machines are modeled, it is much easier to understand. Remember, too, that this is only a somewhat more complex process fortunately, however, a state machine workflow does not get progressively more complicated as the process it models does. In many ways, once you get over the initial learning curve, very, very complex state machines are not much harder to follow than simpler ones. Take a few minutes to review Figure 1-5 and you ll begin to see what I mean. You ll notice that there are five states (excluding the placeholder begin/end states): Waiting for Manager Approval Waiting for Product Management Approval Waiting for Marketing Approval Waiting for Legal Approval Waiting for Author Review and six events: OnDocumentSubmitted OnApproved OnRejected OnModified OnModificationsAccepted OnModificationsRejected Each participant in the workflow has the same options as in the sequential model. However, looking at Figure 1-5, you can see that it is easier to follow each state has a set number of events that it supports to transition to or from another state. Future modifications are simply a matter of adding new states or events and updating which are supported at each part of the workflow. The object-oriented nature of a state machine workflow brings all of the same benefits to our workflows as it does to our programs modularity, ease of maintenance, isolation, and so forth. As we progress through the book, we ll look at examples of both state machine and sequential workflows. However, we re going to begin our exploration of workflows in Office 2007 with sequential workflows for three reasons: Sequential workflows are what most people think of when they think about workflow. They are simpler to understand and so we can focus our time on understanding Workflow s tools and constructs in Office 2007 rather than a new processing paradigm. The out-of-the-box workflows (detailed in 3) are all sequential models. The SharePoint Designer the software formerly known as FrontPage (presented in 4) only supports the creation of sequential workflows. As we delve deeper into Workflow in Office 2007, we ll revisit state machines and see the power and simplicity they bring to a complicated process.
The BusinessListBase class also defines the data access methods and the MarkAsChild() method discussed in the previous BusinessBase section. This allows retrieval of a collection of objects directly (rather than a single object at a time), if that s what is required by the application design.
Adding Some Interaction to the Pages
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