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); // enumerate the results foreach (Fruit f in results) { Console.WriteLine("Name: {0}, Color: {1}, Stock: {2}", f.Name, f.Color, f.ItemsInStock); } // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } The data source for the query in Listing 29-18 is the IEnumerable<XElement> obtained by calling the Elements method on the root node. I then use the Element method that allows me to search for XElements by name to get the values I need to call the constructor of the Fruit class. I project new Fruit objects for each Fruit node in the XML data. Compiling and running Listing 29-15 produces the following results: Name: Name: Name: Name: Name: Press Cherry, Color: Red, Stock: 500 Apple, Color: Green, Stock: 230 Plum, Color: Red, Stock: 300 Banana, Color: Yellow, Stock: 100 Grape, Color: Green, Stock: 400 enter to finish
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int32 int8 int32,& * * *,* *,* *,* *,* *,* <Method> <Method> uint32 uint32 uint32 uint32 uint32 uint32 * int32 int32 uint8 & * * & o int32 & int32 int32 int32 int32 int32 & & * &
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Figure 2-54. The Text bucket of the Properties panel.
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The game was now complete. Lindi and I came up with the name Zentomino, taking a cue from TanZen. I wanted the icon to have a similar look to TanZen s icon, so people browsing the App Store would immediately recognize it as a sister game. Using multicolor pieces in the icon looked a little busy, so I chose a single color instead; I created a square out of the shapes and slapped the TanZen icon s orange border around it. An icon family was born! The game was now truly ready to be sold. In just a matter of weeks, we created an entirely new game, based on the code and general interface of our previous game. I quickly submitted the game to Apple, and it was approved in less than a week. After only a few months, Zentomino has sold nearly 30,000 copies. And the sales outside the United States have exceeded even TanZen s early days. By all accounts, the game has been a success!
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Private Sub AfterServer() ' implement code to run on client ' after server is called End Sub #End Region #Region " Factory Methods " Public Shared Function TheCommand() As Boolean Dim cmd As New CommandObject cmd.BeforeServer() cmd = DataPortal.Execute(Of CommandObject)(cmd) cmd.AfterServer() Return cmd.Result End Function Private Sub New() ' require use of factory methods End Sub #End Region #Region " Server-side Code " Protected Overrides Sub DataPortal_Execute() ' implement code to run on server ' here - and set result value(s) mResult = True End Sub #End Region End Class This class structure is quite a bit different from anything you ve seen so far. The Authorization Rules region isn t bad it just implements a CanExecuteCommand() method so that the UI can easily determine whether the current user is authorized to execute the command. The Factory Methods region is similar in structure to many of the other templates shown thus far, but its implementation is different. Rather than passing a Criteria object to the server, the Execute() method creates and initializes an instance of the command object itself. That instance is then sent to the server through the data portal, which invokes the DataPortal_Execute() method on the server. The Execute() method also calls the BeforeServer() and AfterServer() methods, which are found in the Client-side Code region. The idea behind this is that the command object can be initialized on the client with any data required to perform the server-side processing. In fact, the object could do some processing or data gathering on the client before or after it is transferred to the server through the data portal. The client-side code may be as complex as needed to prepare to run the server-side code. Then the data portal moves the object to the application server and calls the DataPortal_ Execute() method in the Server-side Code region. The code in this method runs on the server and
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Figure 11-11. The States panel shows all the States for a ListBoxItem.
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The LoginName control enables you to quickly obtain the name of the currently logged-on user and is perfect for presenting a friendly salutation. Of course, you are always able to obtain this same information using the following ASP .NET logic:
To have the data portal use an application server and communicate using the remoting channel, the configuration would look like this: < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <configuration> <appSettings> <add key="CslaAuthentication" value="Csla" /> <add key="CslaDataPortalProxy" value="Csla.DataPortalClient.RemotingProxy, Csla"/> <add key="CslaDataPortalUrl" value="http://localhost/RemotingHost/RemotingPortal.rem"/> </appSettings> <connectionStrings> </connectionStrings> The key lines for remoting configuration are in bold. Of course, you need to change localhost to the name of your application server on which the data portal host is installed, and the RemotingHost text needs to be replaced with the name of your virtual root on that server. Before using this configuration, the remoting host virtual root must be created and configured. I ll show how this is done in 12.
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