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Strategy: The Strategy pattern uses the Bridge pattern in combination with a controller to define a generic solution. Associated with the controller is a family of algorithms, but assigned by the client is a specific algorithm that is used by the controller. The controller doesn t change behavior whenever the algorithm is changed and isn t aware that a change has occurred. State: This is a specialized form of the Strategy pattern where the client for the most part doesn t control the selection of algorithm. The client may define an initial algorithm to use and call that an initial algorithm state. As a client makes repeated use of the interface algorithm, state changes occur, and this results in changing of the algorithm implementations without the knowledge of the client. I think using these explanations, the purpose of each pattern is more obvious, because a context is established including any other pattern that is used. Confusion when learning patterns is common, and I suggest you don t get too worried about it. So with no further ado, let s go through the six patterns used to implement Version 1.5.
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Raised when an attempt is made to save the object, and the object has one or more broken validation rules of any rule severity. Raised after a successful validity check but before the object gets saved, allowing you to test for nonfatal rules and also for any broken rules down the object graph. Raised immediately after a successful save operation.
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Arguments and Variables
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// Stack for ints
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Keyword Implementation body Overridden in a derived class Types of members
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// refresh the detail view PTService.ProjectRequest request = new PTServiceClient.PTService.ProjectRequest(); request.Id = new Guid(this.ProjectIdLabel.Text); this.ProjectDetailBindingSource.DataSource = svc.GetProject(request); } catch (Exception ex) { MessageBox.Show(ex.Message, "Assign resource", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Exclamation); } } As before, an instance of the web service proxy is created: using (PTService.PTService svc = new PTService.PTService()) Before doing anything else, however, the credentials are attached to this object: SetCredentials(svc); Now all web method calls within this using block will automatically have the custom SOAP header with the credentials passed to the server. So when AssignResource() is called, it can authenticate the credentials, and the business objects can authorize the action based on the roles for the supplied username: svc.AssignResource( int.Parse(this.ResourceIdLabel.Text), new Guid(this.ProjectIdLabel.Text)); Interestingly, the custom SOAP header is also passed to the subsequent GetProject() call: this.ProjectDetailBindingSource.DataSource = svc.GetProject(request); This doesn t cause any problem. The GetProject() web method doesn t have a [SoapHeader()] attribute, so the custom SOAP header is simply ignored by the server-side code. You can look through the rest of the client code in the code download for the book. At this point, however, you should understand how to set up web service proxy objects as data sources for Windows Forms, how to call simple web methods and how to call web methods that require a custom SOAP header.
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Who Should Read This Book
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In this example, you will have two camera components. Because they don t need to draw anything to the screen, a DrawableGameComponent is not necessary, so inherit from the GameComponent class. Also, make your component subscribe to ICameraInterface: class QuakeCameraGC : GameComponent, ICameraInterface { . . . }
addCSSClass(String className)
PTracker Database
Specifies the container around each item. See 8 for details about styles. Specifies the currently selected item or null if no item is selected. This cannot be set because of a private setter. Specifies the value of the SelectedItem property, or null if no item is selected. The SelectedValuePath specifies which property of SelectedItem to return. Specifies the property path used for the SelectedValue property.
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