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In a multidimensional array, the elements are processed in the order in which the rightmost index is incremented fastest. When the index has gone from 0 to length - 1, the next index to the left is incremented, and the indexes to the right are reset to 0.
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Defining the Indices
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Figure 25-7. Objects of a nested class and its enclosing class
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<Path Stroke="Red" StrokeThickness="1"> <Path.Data> <PathGeometry> <PathGeometry.Figures> <PathFigure StartPoint="10,10"> <PathFigure.Segments> <LineSegment Point="10,40"/> <LineSegment Point="40,40"/> <LineSegment Point="40,10"/> <LineSegment Point="10,10"/> </PathFigure.Segments> </PathFigure> </PathGeometry.Figures> </PathGeometry> </Path.Data> </Path> Let s take a look at what each segment describes and its properties briefly here, and later we will discuss the Bezier curve in detail in the context of implementing animation.
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The IEditableObject interface allows data binding to tell your object to undo recent changes or accept recent changes to the object s properties. It is used in many scenarios by Windows Forms data binding, including when an object is bound to a form using a BindingSource control and when a collection of objects is bound to any grid control that supports in-place editing of the data. The IEditableObject interface appears simple on the surface, but it s actually the most complex interface I ll discuss in this chapter. This is because there are a number of subtle idiosyncrasies in how this interface is called by data binding, and any object implementing the interface must deal with all the resulting edge cases. The interface defines the three methods listed in Table 10-2.
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