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With a pretty good understanding of workflow now under our belts, it s time to start honing our knowledge of Office 2007. Before we start, however, you need to understand a bit about where I m coming from. I alluded earlier to the fact that the lack of workflow has been a huge hole in the Office System for quite some time. Does this mean that the work didn t happen, or that it didn t follow a process No, naturally not. What it means is that until now, the solution was harder than it could have been. Before Office 2007, workflow in an Office environment was handled in one of three ways: With a third-party tool With custom code As a manual process Of the three of these possibilities, the last is by far the most common. People route paper copies of documents or email electronic copies. Just last week I spoke to two clients about their processes. Both use folders with the tabs marked as Return to <Name> to make sure that the document inside eventually made it back to the author. In one case they placed sticky notes inside the folder with the document listing the names of the people who had to review it. In the other case, they just sent the document out and hoped it made the appropriate rounds. The apparent benefit the cost of implementing this solution is zero is more than outweighed by the ongoing costs of lost productivity and incomplete, incorrect, undocumented, and inconsistent processes. The amount of time, paper, and network or email storage wasted routing, tracking, and following up on documents in a manual process is staggering. In addition, in today s ever-more-regulated business environment a good automated workflow implementation can help ensure regulatory compliance that could save millions of dollars in legal fees, penalties, or settlements. For those companies that implemented some sort of automated workflow process, most were homegrown solutions. While certainly better than a fully manual process, the time, effort, and cost spent developing, managing, and extending this solution often reduced its business value to a marginal sum. True, the compliance benefits were still there if the developers did their jobs right but the costs were often immense. Finally, workflows built using a third-party tool and there are many were often nearly as costly (or in some situations more costly) than a homegrown solution. The benefits of support, reliability, and compliance were usually better than in the homegrown solution, but again, the costs were often a fairly high barrier to entry. Compliance benefits were generally very good and solid, but there s still that niggling little detail of cost. Windows Workflow Foundation and Workflow in Office 2007 allow you to take care of all of the same compliance issues but at a software cost that is easier for most companies to handle free (well, at least for the workflow engine). Yes, there is still development, configuration, and administration that needs to happen, but that s no different than any third-party solution
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There are also two other forms of the goto statement, for use inside switch statements. These goto statements transfer control to the correspondingly named switch label in the switch statement. goto case ConstantExpression; goto default;
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Using the StringBuilder Class
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Figure 4-7. Project-side screens without toolbar
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The official Microsoft documentation on these methods is somewhat inconsistent with their actual behavior. In the documentation, only BeginEdit() is noted for being called multiple times, but experience has shown that any of these methods may be called multiple times.
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The following are some other important things to know about iterators: Iterators require the System.Collections.Generic namespace, so you should include it with a using directive. In the compiler-generated enumerators, the Reset method is not supported. It is implemented, since it is required by the interface, but the implementation throws a System.NotSupportedException exception if it is called. Notice that the Reset method is shown grayed out in Figure 20-9.
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Listing 3-8. Blob-Storage-Related Member Variables Defined in Default.aspx public const string BLOB_CONTAINER_NAME = "blobcontainerpayload"; private static BlobStorage _blobStorage = null; private static BlobContainer _blobContainer = null; const int UPDATE_TIMEOUT_SEC = 5; const string SUFFIX = "xml"; Add initialization code to the _Initialization handler as Listing 3-9 shows. The ContainerAccessControl should be set to Public so applications can query the blob using REST APIs. By design, to change the access scope there are two CreateContainer() methods. The first instantiates a blob container object by passing a blob container s name (characters in the blob container s name should be all in lowercase), and is called from the instance of the blob storage. The second is just a call to an overloaded function of the blob container class. This call must use a valid instance of a blob container by passing in the enumeration value ContainerAccessControl.Public. This call is optional and should not override the instance itself but modify the access scope. Listing 3-9. Initialization Code for Blob Storage Access private void _Initialization() { if (_initialized) { return; } lock (_syncObj) { try { _blobStorage = BlobStorage.Create(StorageAccountInfo .GetDefaultBlobStorageAccountFromConfiguration()); _blobContainer = _blobStorage.GetBlobContainer(BLOB_CONTAINER_NAME); // Make the container public so that we can use REST API to query blob // via the URLs from the web _blobContainer.CreateContainer(new NameValueCollection(), ContainerAccessControl.Public); _queueStorage = QueueStorage.Create(StorageAccountInfo .GetDefaultQueueStorageAccountFromConfiguration()); _queueStorage.RetryPolicy = RetryPolicies.RetryN(3, TimeSpan.FromSeconds(5)); MessageQueue queue = _queueStorage.GetQueue(BLOB_PAYLOAD_QUEUE_NAME); queue.CreateQueue(); queue.MessageReceived += new MessageReceivedEventHandler(_OnMessageReceive);
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LinkedList<T>() LinkedList<T>(IEnumerable<T>)
ClientContext LocalContext User AuthenticationType DataPortalProxy DataPortalUrl IsInRoleProvider AutoCloneOnUpdate SerializationFormatter PropertyChangedMode
Testing Azure Applications
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You ve already seen how a business rule is defined based on the RuleHandler delegate. A key part of what ValidationRules does is keep a list of such rule methods for each of the business object s properties.
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