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Service Interface #1 Web Service 1
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GenericStack<string> stack = new GenericStack<string>();
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The SortedSet<T> class uses the IComparer<T> interface to compare items when sorting them. I describe this interface later in the chapter. Using the SortedSet<T> collection is just like using HashSet<T>, although storing the items in a sorted order does allow SortedSet<T> to define offer additional features. Listing 19-27 demonstrates the use of the SortedSet<T> class. Listing 19-27. Using the SortedSet<T> Class using System; using System.Collections.Generic; namespace Listing 27 { class Listing 27 { static void Main(string[] args) { SortedSet<string> set = new SortedSet<string>() { "banana", "apple", "cherry", "strawberry", "mango" }; // enumerate the contents of the sorted set Console.WriteLine("Enumerating SortedSet"); foreach (string s in set) { Console.WriteLine("SortedSet Item: {0}", s); } // get a view of part of the set SortedSet<string> view = set.GetViewBetween("banana", "mango"); // enumerate the view Console.WriteLine("\nEnumerating View"); foreach (string s in view) { Console.WriteLine("View Item: {0}", s); } // remove some items from the set
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"was destructed or not constructed properly"); m_p_native_target->OnChanged(arg0,arg1); } In its implementation, OnChanged checks if a native target pointer has been reset so far, and throws an ArgumentNullException if this is the case. In the case of normal execution, a native target pointer exists, and the call can be forwarded to m_p_native_target->OnChanged. To register the event handler, an instance of the nested ref class delegate_proxy_type must be created. This is done with the MAKE_DELEGATE macro. In the preceding code, this macro is expanded to the following: gcnew FileSystemEventHandler( m_delegate_map_proxy.get_proxy(this), &delegate_proxy_type::OnChanged); As you can see here, the target function passed is in fact the OnChanged method of the nested proxy class. Since this is a non-static method, the first argument of the delegate constructor is the object on which OnChanged should be invoked. To pass this argument, the expression m_delegate_map_proxy.get_proxy(this) is used. m_delegate_map_proxy is a data member of ChangedFileDumper. It is introduced to the native class with the macro BEGIN_DELEGATE_MAP: delegate_proxy_factory< ChangedFileDumper > m_delegate_map_proxy;
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Mary works in the Global Marketing department of KCD Holdings. She is responsible for posting the results of marketing campaigns at biweekly intervals and a final summary document at the conclusion of each campaign. These documents are known as CEBs Campaign Effectiveness Briefs. The intention is to closely monitor the effectiveness of each campaign and allow KCD to take steps to increase the effectiveness of a campaign if necessary. In addition, the final summary of the campaign s effectiveness allows KCD to continuously improve by learning from the past.
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place it. You can place it in the second Column near the bottom so it s out of the way.
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BusinessBase Class
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Capturing the Rendered Output Stream
in Figure 6-21.
Tip If you re using a database other than SQL Server 2008 Express, you should translate the table creation and stored procedures to fit with your environment. You can find the database, table, and stored procedure scripts in the PTData project in the Source Code area on the Apress website ( and from cslanet/download.aspx.
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