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Business rules are defined by a specific method signature as declared in the RuleHandler delegate: public delegate bool RuleHandler(object target, RuleArgs e);
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Context Data
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The following code declares an indexer for the earlier example: class Employee.
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The Roles table will store the list of possible roles a resource can fill when assigned to a project it simply contains an Id value and the name of the role. Figure 3-20 shows the VS .NET designer with these columns added and the Id column configured as the primary key.
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Signed 1-byte integer Unsigned 1-byte integer Signed 4-byte integer Unsigned 4-byte integer Signed 8-byte integer 4-byte floating-point number (IEEE-754) 8-byte floating-point number (IEEE-754) MethodDef or MemberRef token FieldDef or MemberRef token TypeDef, TypeRef, or TypeSpec token StandAloneSig token User-defined string token
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Either way, the steps are basically the same. As stated earlier, the root object s DataPortal_Fetch() method or factory fetch method is responsible for loading not only the root object s data but also the data for all child objects. It then either calls the data portal or methods on the child objects themselves, passing the preloaded data as parameters so the child objects can load their fields with data. The sequence of events goes like this: 1. The root object s DataPortal_Fetch() creates the child collection using a factory method on the collection class (scoped as Friend) and it passes an object containing the child data as a parameter. 2. The child collection s constructor loops through the list of child data provided by the parent, performing the following steps for each record: a. The child collection creates a child object by calling a factory method on the child class, passing the data for that particular child as a parameter. b. The collection object adds the child object to its collection. 3. At the end of the list of child data, the child collection and all child objects are fully populated. Figure 4-11 is a sequence diagram that illustrates how this works using the data portal. Note that this diagram occurs during the process of loading the root object s data. This means that this diagram is really an expansion of Figure 4-8, the sequence diagram for retrieving a root object.
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The first of these are transactions that you can create and manage from within a stored procedure. We ll examine Transact-SQL running on SQL Server, but other database vendors products expose similar functionality for whatever language is available for coding procedures (e.g., PSQL in Oracle). Building transactions right into the database stored procedures results in transaction logic that is managed by the database server, is optimized by the database engine, and runs in the same process space of the server. A stored procedure can start a transaction and call other stored procedures in the database and their work will be included in the transaction. The downside to this approach is that it tends to move business logic coding into the database layer. Transactions frequently reflect business rules, so to code the transaction within the stored procedure code naturally introduces business logic into this tier of your application. You re also limited to a single database within which to do your transactional modifications. You can overcome this in SQL Server using linked servers, but you re definitely limited to modifying SQL Server data.
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Note The FlashManager class possesses, exactly the same as RamManager, the public and configurable Size property, since this property is provided by the common base class MemoryManagerBase. For FlashManager, you do not need to set this property, because the memory capacity is calculated automatically on the basis of the flash sectors. A specified value in the configuration file will be overwritten in every case.
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