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X.509 Certificate Support
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Note A copy of the pivot table is not created for the (All) item, or the (Multiple Items) selection.
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Welcome to Foundation Expression Blend 4 with Silverlight! I am very excited about this, my third book, as I have been able to take all the lessons learned from my first two books and make a book that I think really can take the reader from a beginner in Silverlight to someone who is ready to enter the job market as a junior Silverlight developer. After you have completed this book, you will have ten or so Silverlight projects that you can add to your professional portfolio and build upon in your own work. Further, you will have an all-around understanding of how Silverlight works, from the improved designer/developer workflow, to content controls, to custom UserControls, to Behaviors, and even the all-powerful MediaElement. Follow along as I take you from setting up the Silverlight development environment to creating your own Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) complete with video, Animations, and dazzling graphics. And if at any time you get stuck or lost, I invite you to shoot me an e-mail at my personal address: Teaching Silverlight is not something I do for money, it is my passion; if you have the same passion to learn it as I have to teach it, I promise you that I will do all I can to facilitate your becoming a knowledgeable Silverlight developer. So roll up your sleeves, and let s dive into Blend 4 and Silverlight!
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Java Pool
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Changing the Email Account to Send From
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Figure 11-1. Structure of the try statement
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Touching the Refresh button simply refreshes your tweets. NOTE: If you select the Shake Refresh option in the settings, you can just shake your iPod touch to refresh tweets.
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