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Generic Structs
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This scenario is quite common when creating a sorted view against an array of type String or Integer, since there s no meaning in setting an mSortBy value for those types. For more complex child objects, however, an mSortBy value is typically supplied. In that case, a bit of reflection is used to retrieve the specified property value from the child object. That property value is then used as the key value for the ListItem object: For Each obj As T In mList mSortIndex.Add(New ListItem(mSortBy.GetValue(obj), index)) index += 1 Next Remember that mSortBy is a System.ComponentModel.PropertyDescriptor object corresponding to the key property. PropertyDescriptor provides a GetValue() method that retrieves the property value from the specified child object. Whether or not mSortBy is Nothing, the end result is a list of ListItem objects in a generic List(Of ListItem) collection named mSortIndex. The List(Of T) class provides a Sort() method that sorts the items in the list. Since ListItem implements IComparable(Of T), that interface is used to order the sort, meaning that the items end up sorted based on the key property value in each ListItem object. Since sorting changes the order of items in the list, the view object s ListChanged event is raised to tell data binding that the view collection has effectively been reset. Keep in mind that the original collection is entirely unaffected by this process, and doesn t raise any events due to the sort being applied.
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Still prefer the trusty C runtime function printf Unless you re compiling with safe mode (the /clr:safe compiler option), you can still use the C Runtime (CRT) Library or the iostream library if that s what you prefer, although the resulting code will not be verifiably safe from memory corruption problems. Most CRT functions taking a variable argument list will work with System::String, as in Listing 5-16. Note that as of Visual C++ 2005, and continuing with
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The class also has a region named Exists. This region implements an Exists() method that can be used to determine if a specific project s data exists in the database. I ll discuss the code in the Exists region at the end of the chapter. Let s walk through each region in turn.
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Another drawback to starting with the UI is that users often see the mocked-up UI in a demonstration and assume that the application is virtually complete. They don t realize that the bulk of the work comes from the business and data access logic that must still be created and tested behind the UI. The result is that developers are faced with tremendous and unrealistic time pressure to deliver on the application, since from the user s perspective, it s virtually complete already. The third option is to focus on business concepts and process flow. This is the middle road in many ways, since it requires an understanding of how the users will interact with the system, the processes that the system must support, and (by extension) the data that must flow through the system to make it all happen. The benefit of this approach is that it s very business focused, allowing both the analyst and the end users to talk the language of business, thereby avoiding computer concepts and terminology. It also lends itself to the creation of object-oriented designs, because the entities and concepts developed during analysis typically turn into objects within the application. The drawback to this approach is that it doesn t provide users with the look and feel of the UI or the graphical reinforcement of how the system will actually work from their perspective, nor does it produce a clear database design. It leaves the database analyst to do more work in order to design the database. Personally, I use a blend of the business concept and UI approaches. I place the strongest emphasis on the business concept and process flow, while providing key portions of the UI via a prototype so that the user can get the feel of the system. Since end users have such a hard time relating to database diagrams, I almost never use data-focused analysis techniques, instead leaving the database design process to flow from the other analysis techniques. In this chapter, I ll use the business concept and process-flow techniques. It s difficult to storyboard the application at this stage, because we ll be developing both WPF and Web Forms user interfaces, along with a WCF service application interface. The starting point, then, is to create a set of use case descriptions based on how the users (or other applications) will interact with the system.
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The following code shows an abstract class called AbClass with two methods. The first method is a normal method with an implementation that prints out the name of the class. The second method is an abstract method that must be implemented in a derived class. Class DerivedClass inherits from AbClass, and implements and overrides the abstract method. Main creates an object of DerivedClass and calls its two methods. Keyword abstract class AbClass { public void IdentifyBase() { Console.WriteLine("I am AbClass"); } Keyword abstract public void IdentifyDerived(); } class DerivedClass : AbClass { Keyword override public void IdentifyDerived() { Console.WriteLine("I am DerivedClass"); } } class Example { static void Main() { // AbClass a = new AbClass(); // a.IdentifyDerived(); DerivedClass b = new DerivedClass(); b.IdentifyBase(); b.IdentifyDerived(); } } This code produces the following output: I am AbClass I am DerivedClass
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Add(T) ExceptWith(IEnumerable<T>)
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The CLR type system is mirrored in C++/CLI, so it s important to understand how it works. The CLR has a unified type system called the common type system (CTS). A unified type system has at its root a single type, often called Object, from which all types are derived. This is very different from the C++ type system, sometimes called a forest, in which there may be arbitrarily many independent type hierarchies.
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When DateCalc is in the Row Labels area, it calculates the difference between the value for the OrderDate that is three rows below and the OrderDate that is two rows below. In Figure 3-22, DateCalc has been moved to the top of the list of OrderDates. To move the item, right-click DateCalc, click Move, and then click Move DateCalc to Beginning.
based on XML, SOAP, and WSDL extensibility models. Together, these specifications define a set of composable features to make Web services secure, reliable, and transacted, as the standard tag line often reads. Composability refers to the fact that you can pick and choose the selected specifications that apply to your particular business scenario. None of the specifications are ever required, even the security specifications. Though as they become more widely accepted, it is likely that a subset of the specifications will be required in any robust, businessquality Web service. The WS-Specifications are incredibly important to the future of Web services technology and to service-oriented architecture. Microsoft provides a set of tools for .NET called the Web Services Enhancements (WSE). WSE includes managed APIs for implementing selected WS-specifications in a composable manner. I say selected because the WS-Specifications continue to evolve, and it will take time for all of the current standards to be submitted, accepted, and then incorporated into Web Services Enhancements. New WS-Specifications continue to be released, so the future promises to hold many interesting and important developments in this evolving technology. This chapter lays the groundwork for the second half of the book, where I will focus intensively on how to implement the WS-Specifications using Microsoft s Web Services Enhancements 2.0 for .NET. This chapter includes the following: Overview of the WS-Specifications Introduction to Web Services Enhancements 2.0 Installing and configuring WSE 2.0, including the test certificates Using the WSE 2.0 utilities This chapter is a must read in order to get the most out of the second half of the book. It will help you to understand the WS-Specifications, and how WSE fits into the context of service-oriented architecture. It will also get you started with installing and configuring Web Services Enhancements 2.0, including the test certificates, which are required for many of the code samples.
The Validation Rules region is much like that in Project, in that it implements the AddBusinessRules() method and could include custom rule methods. In this case, however, the one custom rule required by ProjectResource is also required by ResourceAssignment. Since the rule is
formula for one region, because it has missing data on one of the OrderDates. The example shown is from the DateCalc.xlsx workbook.
The first case where you can see some Ajax functionality in action is when you attempt to log in. If you haven t yet used the application or registered any users, try logging in with the username Arnie and any password (see Figure 7-11). When you attempt to do this and log in, you ll see that the Login pane updates without a complete page refresh (see Figure 7-12).
Windows Workflow Foundation is composed of 3 main components: Workflow instance/runtime Activities Workflow designer
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