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An important side effect of what I m talking about here is that objects are designed for use cases not for an enterprise, not even for an application. They are designed for a specific use case. This might appear to be a problem, because it could reduce reuse. I suggest that this is not a problem. Reuse is not a goal for software; it is one tool we use to achieve the real goals of maintainability and lower cost of development. In fact, reuse is often counterproductive. Most reuse causes a side effect called coupling, where code becomes overly dependent on other code. Coupling is perhaps the ultimate enemy of maintainability, and it s a primary driver for increasing the cost of software development. Figure 3-1 illustrates how reuse causes code to become interdependent.
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Adding a Resource
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memory used for sorting and hashing went up linearly as well. If 10 concurrent users with a sort area size of 1MB used 10MB of memory, 100 concurrent users would probably use 100MB, 1,000 would probably use 1000MB, and so on. Unless the DBA was sitting at the console continually adjusting the sort/hash area size settings, everyone would pretty much use the same values all day long. Consider the previous example, where you saw for yourself how the physical I/O to temp decreased as the amount of RAM we allowed ourselves to use went up. If you run that example for yourself, you will almost certainly see a decrease in response time as the amount of RAM available for sorting increases. Manual allocation fixes the amount of memory to be used for sorting at a more or less constant number, regardless of how much memory is actually available. Automatic memory management allows us to use the memory when it is available; it dynamically adjusts the amount of memory we use based on the workload. Memory control: As a result of the previous point, it was hard, if not impossible, to keep the Oracle instance inside a "box" memory-wise. You couldn t control the amount of memory the instance was going to use, as you had no real control over the number of simultaneous sorts and hashes taking place. It was far too easy to attempt to use more real memory (actual physical free memory) than was available on the machine.
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Creating Gravity Pods
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The interface definition class file provides the abstract definitions of the Web service methods and its data types. This class file derives from the System.Web.Services.WebService class, so it can be readily implemented in a Web services code-behind file. The .NET Framework provides a commandline tool called xsd.exe for generating an interface definition class file based on an XSD schema file. This will manually generate class definitions for the data types. You can add this class file to your Web service project and then manually insert abstract definitions for the Web methods.
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This establishes the connection to the database but doesn t do anything else. We can check to see whether our connection works by testing the value of the State property, which returns a value from the System.Data.ConnectionState enumeration. The Open value is the one we are looking for, but the enumeration defines a range of values, which are described in Table 31-2. Table 31-2. Values from the ConnectionState Enum
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changes will not be reflected in the original records.
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WPF4.0 supports binding to properties implementing the IDynamicMetaObjectProvider interface such as ExpandoObject and anything inheriting from DynamicObject ( (see 3).
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A database is made up of one or more tablespaces. A tablespace is a logical storage container in Oracle that comes at the top of the storage hierarchy and is made up of one or more data files. These files might be cooked files in a file system, raw partitions, ASM-managed database files, or files on a clustered file system. A tablespace contains segments, as described next.
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At first glance, it might appear that you could use .NET serialization to implement undo functionality: what easier way to take a snapshot of an object s state than to serialize it into a byte stream Unfortunately, this isn t as easy as it might sound, at least when it comes to restoring the object s state. Taking a snapshot of a [Serializable()] object is easy, and can be done with code similar to this: [Serializable()] public class Customer { public byte[] Snapshot() { using (MemoryStream m = new MemoryStream()) { BinaryFormatter f = new BinaryFormatter(); f.Serialize(m, this); m.Position = 0; return m.ToArray(); } } } This converts the object into a byte stream, returning that byte stream as an array of type byte. That part is easy it s the restoration that s tricky. Suppose that the user now wants to undo the changes, requiring that the byte stream be restored back into the object. The code that deserializes a byte stream looks like this: [Serializable()] public class Customer { public Customer Deserialize(byte[] state) { using (MemoryStream m = new MemoryStream(state)) { BinaryFormatter f = new BinaryFormatter(); return (Customer)f.Deserialize(m); } } } Notice that this function returns a new customer object. It doesn t restore the existing object s state; it creates a new object. Somehow, you would have to tell any and all code that has a reference to the existing object to use this new object. In some cases, that might be easy to do, but it isn t always trivial. In complex applications, it s hard to guarantee that other code elsewhere in the application doesn t have a reference to the original object and if you don t somehow get that code to update its reference to this new object, it will continue to use the old one. What s needed is some way to restore the object s state in place, so that all references to the current object remain valid, but the object s state is restored. This is the purpose of the UndoableBase class.
Figure 15-34. SharpCloud s Silverlight application
The [Transactional()] attribute can be optionally applied to a DataPortal_XYZ method in a business class to tell the data portal what type of transactional technology should be used when the method is invoked by the data portal on the server. The default, if the attribute isn t used, is TransactionalTypes.Manual meaning the developer is responsible for handling any transactions in his own code.
Previously, you saw that the declarations of fields and methods can include modifiers such as public and private. In this chapter, I ll discuss a number of additional modifiers. Since many of these modifiers can be used together, the question that arises is, what order do they need to be in Class member declaration statements consist of the following: the core declaration, an optional set of modifiers, and an optional set of attributes. The syntax used to describe this structure is the following. The square brackets indicate that the enclosed set of components is optional. [ attributes ] [ modifiers ] CoreDeclaration
The date filters aren t available in the Report Filter, and you don t want to manually hide all the past dates in the ShipDate Report Filter. This problem is based on the sample file Shipped.xlsx.
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