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The sales manager sent you a workbook with sales data, and blank cells are in the District column for some records. You want to show a count of the blank District cells in the pivot table, so you can let the sales manager know how many records are incomplete. You added the District field to the pivot table s Row Labels area, and another copy of the District field in the Values area, as Count of District. However, no count is showing for the blank districts (see Figure 3-5). This problem is based on the OfficeSales.xlsx sample file.
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Here, the getColumnClass() method reports back that the data in the first row determines the class for all cells in that column. Thus, 280.0 would now be treated as type Number, not String, for sorting purposes. After the change, sorting the table in Figure 4-17 by the last column produces a more appropriate result, as shown in Figure 4-20.
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his chapter concerns, first of all, what kinds of resources you can use with the .NET Micro Framework and how you can use them. After that, you will learn how to write multilingual .NET Micro Framework applications on small devices for an international market. The chapter will introduce cultures and how you can add further cultures to a .NET Micro Framework application. You will learn how to print dates, times, and numbers appropriate for particular cultures (called globalization) and how you can use satellite assemblies to isolate and embed translated resources (called localization).
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This error message does not make much sense for troubleshooting, nor does the compiler provide any specific information on why the data table could not be created. We can follow four steps to regenerate the table: 1. 2. 3. 4. Make the State type inherit the type int, since int is a system-defined type and portable to a SQL database. Define a member variable _state with the type of State in the Address class. Apply the .NET nullable design pattern to this member variable. Cast the type between the portable and custom-defined enum type from the access function.
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The ISmartField interface, defined in Csla.Core, is used to allow the rest of the CSLA .NET framework to interact with any smart data types such as this that add string parsing and the concept of being empty to a type. You can implement ISmartField to create your own smart types such as SmartInt or SmartDouble, but be aware that your type will also need to override many operators and provide type converters much like SmartDate in order to act as a first-class type in .NET.
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Supporting Inheritance and Virtual Functions
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The preceding program and command line produce the following output: Jon Peter Beth Julia Tammi Other important things to know about Main are the following: Main must always be declared static. Main can be declared in either a class or a struct. A program can contain only one declaration of the four acceptable entry point forms of Main. You can, however, legally declare other methods named Main, as long as they don t have any of the four entry point forms but doing this is inviting confusion.
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<button targetElement="showButton"> <click> <setProperty target="panel" property="visible" value="true" /> </click> </button> <button targetElement="disableButton"> <click> <setProperty target="panel" property="enabled" value="false" /> </click> </button> <button targetElement="enableButton"> <click> <setProperty target="panel" property="enabled" value="true" /> </click> </button> <button targetElement="largeButton"> <click> <invokeMethod target="panel" method="removeCssClass"> <parameters className="small"/> </invokeMethod> <invokeMethod target="panel" method="addCssClass"> <parameters className="large"/> </invokeMethod> </click> </button> <button targetElement="smallButton"> <click> <invokeMethod target="panel" method="removeCssClass"> <parameters className="large"/> </invokeMethod> <invokeMethod target="panel" method="addCssClass"> <parameters className="small"/> </invokeMethod> </click> </button> </components> </page> </script> To define XML-based Atlas Script, you first define the <script> element. You should set this element to be of type text/xml-script so that the browser recognizes it as an XML-based script. Next, you need to define the page and the namespace that will be used for this page. You do this using the <page> element. The current schema for XML Atlas Script is defined at http://schemas.microsoft.com/xml-script/2005 and as such is associated with the <page> element here. This ensures that the browser will be able to correctly parse the XML.
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The <port> element defines the URL where the Web service is located, and it also implements a <binding> element. As you know, I have already defined a <binding> element for the Web service, but it does not indicate the physical location of the Web service. This is what the <port> element is for. Here is what the <port> element looks like for the StockTraderServiceSoap <binding> element:
Listing 8-10. Replace the KEY Constraint Statement from Listing 8-9 with a Separate ALTER TABLE Script to Assign a Key to a Table ALTER TABLE [UserTable] ADD CONSTRAINT ID_PK PRIMARY KEY (UserID) g. Remove the boldface lines in the CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX scripts generated by SQL Server Management Studio as shown in Listing 8-11.
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