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At this point you can create some nice-looking menus, but how can you actually make a menu item start the game This can be done using dummy menus, which need to be stored in the main program. For example, if you want your Start New Game menu to contain items to start an Easy, a Normal, or a Hard game, add these menus: MenuWindow startGameEasy; MenuWindow startGameNormal; MenuWindow startGameHard; bool menusRunning; In your LoadContent method, you can instantiate these variables with null arguments and link them to items in menuNewGame: startGameEasy = new MenuWindow(null, null, null); startGameNormal = new MenuWindow(null, null, null); startGameHard = new MenuWindow(null, null, null); menuNewGame.AddMenuItem("Easy", startGameEasy); menuNewGame.AddMenuItem("Normal", startGameNormal); menuNewGame.AddMenuItem("Hard", startGameHard); menuNewGame.AddMenuItem("Back to Main menu", menuMain); This will add four items to your New Game menu. All you have to do next is detect whether either of the dummy menus has been selected. So, expand your MenuInput method a bit: private void MenuInput(KeyboardState currentKeybState) { MenuWindow newActive = activeMenu.ProcessInput(lastKeybState, currentKeybState); if (newActive == startGameEasy) { //set level to easy menusRunning = false; } else if (newActive == startGameNormal) { //set level to normal menusRunning = false; }
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Dictionaries provide associative array functionality based on key-value pairs. An associative array is an array in which one type, the key, is used to access a particular stored value, often of a different type. All the keys are usually the same type, and all the values are normally the same type as well. The name, Dictionary, suggests an analogy. Using a real dictionary, you look up a definition (value) using the word as the key. The generic Dictionary<TKey,TValue> class may be used directly and is probably the best bet for the associative array-like functionality. We ll also use the IDictionary interface in Listing 11-22. Listing 11-22. Using a Dictionary // dictionary.cpp using namespace System; using namespace System::Collections::Generic; int main() { IDictionary<String^, String^>^ dict; dict = gcnew Dictionary<String^, String^>(); // The add method takes the key and the value. dict->Add("hat", "head adornment"); dict->Add("hot", "at a high temperature"); dict->Add("hit", "to strike"); // Use the KeyValuePair generic class when using the // for each statement. for each (KeyValuePair<String^, String^>^ pair in dict) { Console::WriteLine(" {0}: {1}", pair->Key, pair->Value); }
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Figure 3-1. Select a summary function. 3. If the function you want is not visible, click More Options. Click a function in the Summarize Value Field By list, and then click OK (see Figure 3-2).
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An Example Using Generic Interfaces
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The starting screen of FontShuffle serves as search level 1 (see Figure 9-10). It offers the following six common typographic classes: sans serif, serif, slab serif, script, blackletter, and display. The name of each class is set in an appropriate typeface to give visual support.
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Run1 latches total versus runs -- difference and pct Run1 Run2 Diff Pct 804,522 6,840,599 6,036,077 11.76% PL/SQL procedure successfully completed. This confirms you have the RUNSTATS_PKG package installed and shows you why you should use a single SQL statement instead of a bunch of procedural code when developing applications whenever possible!
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not properly implemented, will make an implementation difficult. If the intent of the pattern is followed properly, then the micro-kernel is efficient, easy to maintain, and easy to extend. In the upcoming sections, we ll take a closer look at the architecture for this pattern, followed by hiding and designing the micro-kernel, and implementing this pattern. Finally, I ll demonstrate how it all works in a simple banking application.
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Here is how you generate an IDF using wsdl.exe:
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Other Statements
descriptors attributes. You ll see them a lot with BizTalk XML files, and so it is essential that you understand their usefulness. In general, an attribute is used to describe an overall fact of the element and its nested elements that are buried within the tag. For instance, let s say you have a car element: <car> <price>14500</price> </car> If you wanted to add manufacturer data, you could easily add a corresponding manufacturer tag: <car> <manufacturer>Buick</manufacturer> <price>14500</price> </car> However, because the manufacturer is really associated with the car as a whole, many prefer to declare it as an attribute by adding it to the opening, parent element: <car manufacturer="Buick" > <price>14500</price> </car> Attributes must also be enclosed within quotes as shown, if you want to maintain a wellformed document structure. As you can see, it s a little more organized. As you progress farther with BizTalk and XML, you ll find yourself using attributes quite liberally.
If you want to search for an app to download, begin by looking around in the default view, which shows the Featured apps. Scroll down the page to see all the featured apps.
Tap your Settings icon. Tap Sounds. To adjust the volume of the ringtone and other alerts, move the slider bar at the top. To allow the volume keys on the left side of your iPod touch adjust the ringer and alert volumes, set the Change with Buttons to ON. To change your Ringtone or the sound played when you receive a FaceTime call, tap Ringtone.
Do Nulls and Indexes Work Together
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