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Starting Any Twitter App for the First Time
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CHAPTER 1: Getting Started
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Six instructions can be used to load a field value or an address on the stack or to store a value from the stack in a field. A field signature does not indicate whether the field is static or instance, so the IL instruction set defines separate instructions for dealing with instance and static fields. Instructions dealing with instance fields take the instance pointer an object reference if the field addressed belongs to a class and a managed pointer if the field belongs to a value type from the stack. ldfld <token> (0x7B). Take the instance from the stack, and load the value of an instance field on the stack. <token> specifies the field being loaded and must be a valid FieldDef or MemberRef token, uncompressed and uncoded. The instance may be an object reference, a managed pointer to instance of a value type, or an instance of a value type itself. An unmanaged pointer to an instance of a value type can also be used, but it renders the code unverifiable. ldsfld <token> (0x7E). Load the value of a static field on the stack. ldflda <token> (0x7C). Take the instance pointer from the stack, and load a managed pointer to the instance field on the stack. Unlike ldfld, this instruction cannot use an instance of a value type and takes only an object reference or a pointer (managed or unmanaged) to an instance of a value type. Using an unmanaged pointer renders the code unverifiable. ldsflda <token> (0x7F). Load a managed pointer to the static field on the stack. stfld <token> (0x7D). Take the value from the stack, take the instance pointer from the stack, and store the value in the instance field. The instance pointer in this case, like in ldflda instruction, is either an object reference or a pointer to an instance of a value type. In this respect, stfld is asymmetric to ldfld. stsfld <token> (0x80). Store the value from the stack in the static field. The ILAsm notation requires full field specification, which is resolved to <token> at compile time: ldfld int32 Foo.Bar::ii The applicable conversion rules when loading and storing values are the same as those discussed earlier. Note also that the fields cannot be of managed pointer type, as was discussed in 8.
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Components of Web Service Architecture
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Figure 2-1. Workflow assemblies To see the underlying assembly and its path, click one of the assembly names, and the path appears in the window to the right. Expand the Activities assembly to find the namespaces within the assembly, as shown in Figure 2-2. qr barcode
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The bottom portion of the dialog box now allows you to supply a field and a value. This enables you to specify the filter criteria to identify the specific item that you wish to retrieve a value from. Select a field from the chosen list and specify a value. The lookup will use these entries to select which item from the source list to use to retrieve the lookup value. The Clear Lookup button will reset all of the drop-downs to their default blank values to let you start over again.
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Configuring web.config
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Parallel Programming
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