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Because the CSVImporterToProcessor class is a custom class, you ll need to create a custom processor. This sample processor will process the CSVImporterToProcessor object into a TerrainContent object. Because you have the array of heights readily available in the CSVImporterToTerrain object, this is a simplified version of the processor explained in recipe 5-11: [ContentProcessor] public class CSVHeightMapProcessor : ContentProcessor<CSVImporterToProcessor, TerrainContent> { public override TerrainContent Process(CSVImporterToProcessor input, ContentProcessorContext context) { float[,] heightData = input.HeightData; VertexPositionNormalTexture[] vertices = CreateTerrainVertices(heightData); int[] indices = CreateTerrainIndices(heightData); vertices = GenerateNormalsForTriangleStrip(vertices, indices); ExternalReference<TextureContent> grassAsset = new ExternalReference<TextureContent>("Grass.dds"); TextureContent grass = context.BuildAndLoadAsset<TextureContent, TextureContent>(grassAsset, "TextureProcessor"); TerrainContent tc = new TerrainContent(vertices, indices, grass, heightData); return tc; } } You indicate this processor is capable of transforming a CSVImporterToProcessor object into a TerrainContent object. The heightData array is retrieved from the CSVImporterToProcessor object, and the TerrainContent object is constructed exactly as explained in recipe 5-11. You can use the TypeWriter and TypeReader of the same recipe to take things from here to serialize/ deserialize the TerrainContent object to/from the binary file and load the resulting Terrain object in your XNA game project.
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Using JSON with JavaScript
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[3] Exception table address and size: This table contains information on unmanaged exceptions only. [4] Certificate table address and size: The address entry points to a table of attribute certificates (used for the file authentication), which are not loaded into memory as part of the image file. As such, the first field of this entry is a file pointer rather than an RVA. Each entry of the table contains a 4-byte file pointer to the respective attribute certificate and the 4-byte size of it. [5] Base Relocation table address and size: The base relocations are discussed in detail later in this chapter; see Relocation Section. [6] Debug data address and size: A managed PE file does not carry embedded debug data; the debug data is emitted into a PDB file, so this data directory either is all zero or points to single 30-byte debug directory entry of type 2 (IMAGE_DEBUG_TYPE_CODEVIEW), which in turn points to a CodeView-style header, containing path to the PDB file. IL assembler and C# and VB .NET compilers emit this data into the .text section. [7] Architecture data address and size: Architecture-specific data. This data directory is not used (set to all zeros) for I386, IA64, or AMD64 architecture. [8] Global pointer: RVA of the value to be stored in the global pointer register. The size must be set to 0. This data directory is set to all zeros if the target architecture (for example, I386 or AMD64) does not use the concept of a global pointer. [9] TLS table address and size: Among managed compilers, only the VC++ linker and the IL assembler are able to produce the code that would use the thread local storage data. [10] Load Configuration table address and size: Data specific to Windows NT family of operating system (for example, the GlobalFlag value). [11] Bound Import table address and size: This table is an array of bound import descriptors, each of which describes a DLL this image was bound up with at the time of the image creation. The descriptors also carry the time stamps of the bindings, and if the bindings are up-to-date, the OS loader uses these bindings as a shortcut for API import. Otherwise, the loader ignores the bindings and resolves the imported APIs through the Import tables. [12] Import Address table address and size: The Import Address table (IAT) is referenced from the Import Directory table (data directory 1). [13] Delay import descriptor address and size: Contains an array of 32-byte ImgDelayDescr structures, each structure describing a delay-load import. Delay-load imports are DLLs described as implicit imports but loaded as explicit imports (via calls to the LoadLibrary API). The load of delay-load DLLs is executed on demand on the first call into such a DLL. This differs from the implicit imports, which are loaded eagerly when the importing executable is initialized. [14] Common language runtime header address and size: The CLR header structure is described in detail later in this chapter (see Common Language Runtime Header ). [15] Reserved: Set to all zeros.
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import java.io.*; import java.net.*; import java.util.*; public class Fetch { public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception { Console console = System.console(); if (args.length == 0) { System.err.println("URL missing"); System.exit(-1); } String urlString = args[0]; CookieManager manager = new CookieManager(); CookieHandler.setDefault(manager); URL url = new URL(urlString); URLConnection connection = url.openConnection(); Object obj = connection.getContent(); url = new URL(urlString); connection = url.openConnection(); obj = connection.getContent(); CookieStore cookieJar = manager.getCookieStore(); List<HttpCookie> cookies = cookieJar.getCookies(); for (HttpCookie cookie: cookies) { console.printf("Cookie: %s%n", cookie); } } }
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complete. Your States panel should look like what I have in Figure 6-10.
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Creating a Network Session
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Here is a typical simple architecture for a smaller application with a single data store that s not expecting hundreds of concurrent users (see Figure 1-2). All of the components are managed types. The ASP .NET pages use standard controls built into the Framework that generate W3C-compliant HTML. This allows the application to be deployed to any platform or operating system that supports a web browser. The pages use what could be a stateful business object layer, but the application is simple enough that only a few of these stateful types are actually needed. The business object layer, in turn, leverages a data access layer written using the Data Access Application Block and calling SQL Server stored procedures.
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Object in Charge
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Component Design and Implementation
The Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) is behind all the cool dynamic functionality and sits just above the core .NET framework. The DLR s job is basically to resolve calls to dynamic objects, cache dynamic calls making them as quick as possible, and enable interaction between languages by using a common format. The DLR has actually been around a while, and was included in earlier versions of Silverlight. You can even view the source code behind the DLR at: http://dlr.codeplex.com. Note that this version contains a number of features not present in the framework version. When discussing the DLR we need to understand five main concepts: Expression trees/Abstract Syntax Trees (AST) Dynamic Dispatch Binders IDynamicObject Call Site Caching
Table 13-3. Methods Implemented for Insert, Remove, and Clear Operations
Note In matrix multiplications, * means after. Because things would otherwise be too easy, * in
10. Amend the code to the following: using using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.Linq; System.Text; System.ComponentModel.Composition;
Instance Constructors.........................................................................................................................321 Static Constructors .............................................................................................................................323 Summary of Constructors and Destructors ........................................................................................323
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