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Accept the default value. For information related to this entry, see the sidebar So Just How Are Our Forms Rendered Anyway later in this chapter. Accept the default value. For information related to this entry, see the sidebar So Just How Are Our Forms Rendered Anyway later in this chapter. Accept the default value. For information related to this entry, see the sidebar So Just How Are Our Forms Rendered Anyway For this scenario, we do not have an association form. You can delete this entire entry opening tag, value, and closing tag.
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For Each item As EditableChild In Me If item.IsNew Then item.Insert(Me) Else item.Update(Me) End If Next RaiseListChangedEvents = True End Sub #End Region End Class The Authorization Rules region contains the standard Shared methods discussed earlier for editable root objects. Since collection objects don t have detailed properties, there s no need or support for the AddAuthorizationRules() method. The Factory Methods region implements factory methods to create, retrieve, and (optionally) delete the collection. The create method simply uses the New keyword to create an instance of the collection. There s no need to load default values for the collection itself. The retrieve and delete methods rely on the data portal to do much of the work, ultimately delegating the call to the appropriate DataPortal_XYZ method. In the Data Access region, the DataPortal_Fetch() method is responsible for getting the data from the database, typically via a data reader. It then calls the Shared factory method of the child class for each row in the data reader, thereby allowing each child object to load its data. The Shared factory method in the child class calls its own Private constructor to actually load the data from the data reader. The DataPortal_Update() method must loop through all the child objects contained in the deleted object collection, calling each object s DeleteSelf() method in turn. An alternative is to have the collection object dynamically generate a SQL statement to delete all the items in the DeleteList with a single call. The specific implementation is up to the business developer and may vary depending on the database design. Once the child objects have been deleted from the database, that list is cleared. Then the active child objects are either inserted or updated based on their IsNew property value.
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Moving the camera for example, when the user presses an arrow key can be done by first rotating the movement vector by the camera rotation and then by adding this transformed vector to the current camera position: float moveSpeed = 0.5f; Vector3 rotatedVector = Vector3.Transform(vectorToAdd, cameraRotation); cameraPosition += moveSpeed * rotatedVector; UpdateViewMatrix();
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10. Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software, p. 175.
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Figure 3-25. Database diagram for the PTracker database
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Data access code interacts with the Data Management layer to retrieve, insert, update, and remove information. The data access layer doesn t actually manage or store the data; it merely provides an interface between the business logic and the database. Data access gets its own logical layer for much the same reason that the presentation is split from the UI. In some cases, data access will occur on a machine that s physically separate from the one on which the UI and/or business logic is running. In other cases, data access code will run on the same machine as the business logic (or even the UI) in order to improve performance or fault tolerance.
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<schema xmlns="" xmlns:Revealed="" targetNamespace="" > <element name="Schedule"> <complexType> <sequence> <element name="course" type="Revealed:Course" minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="unbounded"/> <element name="location" type="Revealed:Location"/> </sequence> </complexType> </element> <complexType name="Course"> <sequence> <element name="courseId" type="string"/> <element name="name" type="string"/> <element name="description" type="string"/> </sequence> </complexType> <simpleType name="Location"> <restriction base="string"> <enumeration value="north"></enumeration> <enumeration value="south"></enumeration> <enumeration value="east"></enumeration> <enumeration value="west"></enumeration> </restriction> </simpleType> </schema>
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From x in someCollection_ Where x.FirstName = "John"_ Select x LinqBindingList
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15 describes generic types and their support for covariance and contravariance.
Figure 17-11. Setting the Build Action property of a resource file
[Flags] enum CardDeckSettings : uint { SingleDeck = 0x01, LargePictures = 0x02, FancyNumbers = 0x04, Animation = 0x08 }
The JIT compiler throws only two exceptions. The second one can be thrown only when the code is not fully trusted (for example, comes from the Internet): InvalidProgramException. This exception, which is also thrown by the execution engine, indicates an error in IL code. VerificationException. This exception, which is also thrown by the execution engine, indicates that IL code verification has failed.
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