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Note Keep in mind that you have to specify the Target point, not the Target direction! Indicating (0,0,-1)
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Figure 2-13. Application settings within My Project Click the ellipse at the right side of the Value column for the first row. This allows you to choose a data source. Choose Microsoft SQL Server and click Continue, as shown in Figure 2-14.
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The DataContract attribute prepares a class for serialization using the Data Contract Serializer system, and the DataMember attribute indicates which properties and fields should be serialized. Listing 23-17 provides a demonstration.
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Note The myWaveBank and mySoundBank names were assigned by you in the XAct tool.
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At some point while we are in the middle of the query, a transaction moves $400.00 from account 123 to account 987. This transaction does the two updates but does not commit. The table now looks as shown in Table 7-3. Table 7-3. ACCOUNTS Table During Modifications
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public public public public public public } }
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IIS/ASP .NET (.svc) ServiceHost [ServiceContract], [OperationContract], etc. (supports interfaces, generics, and so on) One-way Request-response First/last-operation Duplex Custom System.Runtime.Serialization System.Xml.Serialization (you can choose) MTOM Binary HTTP TCP Named pipes MSMQ P2P Custom Security Reliable messaging Transactions Concurrency Instancing Throttling Thread-binding Exception handling and faults Impersonation Session management Transaction behaviors Custom (via behavior types) code 128 generator
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In this chapter, you studied the structure of a WSDL document and found that it contains seven XML elements in addition to a root element called <definitions>. The seven additional elements are divided into two groups: one set provides an abstract description of the Web service, while the other set provides concrete implementation details that associate the abstract descriptions with the physical Web service. The XML elements for abstract description are <types>: This element lists all of the data types that are exchanged by the XML messages as input parameters or return types. <message>: This element describes a SOAP message, which may be an input, output, or fault message for a Web service operation. <operation>: This element is analogous to a method definition; however, it only allows you to define input, output, and fault messages that are associated with the operation. <portType>: This element lists all of the operations that a Web service supports. The XML elements for concrete implementation are <binding>: This element links the abstract and concrete elements together within a WSDL document. <port>: This element defines the URL where the Web service is located, and it also implements a <binding> element. <service>: This element encloses one or more <port> elements. The chapter concluded with a brief look at how to generate and work with WSDL documents. In the following two chapters, I will give you a detailed look at how to build message-oriented Web services and how to work with WSDL documents and XSD schema definition files.
Figure 10-5. With disambiguating strings prefaced to the class names, there is no conflict between the libraries. Our example program, however, would need to use these long names and would look like the following: class WidgetsProgram { static void Main( ) { MyCorpSuperLibSquareWidget sq = new MyCorpSuperLibSquareWidget(); ... ABCCorpUltraLibCircleWidget circle = new ABCCorpUltraLibCircleWidget(); ... } }
In the upper center of the book, there are three icons available (brightness, size, and search) to help make your reading experience that much more immersive (see Figure 11 2). Touch the Brightness icon and you can adjust the brightness of the book. If you are reading in bed in a very dark room, you might want to slide it all the way down to the left. If you are out in the sunlight, you may need to slide it all the way up to the right. However, remember that the screen brightness consumes more battery power than most other features, so turn it back down when you don t need it so bright anymore.
need to resolve Stream (using System.IO) and EditableImage (using SilverlightSamples). If you don t remember, do this by right-clicking and left-clicking Resolve. You can also click the preceding items and press Ctrl+. (period).
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