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The standard arithmetic and comparison operators also handle nullable types. There is also a new operator called the null coalescing operator, which allows you to return a value to an expression, in case a nullable type variable is null. The null coalescing operator consists of two contiguous question marks and has two operands: The first operand is a variable of a nullable type. The second is a non-nullable value of the same underlying type. If, at run time, the first operand evaluates to null, the second operand is returned as the result of the operation. Null coalescing operator int myI4 = null; Console.WriteLine("myI4: {0}", myI4 -1); myI4 = 10; Console.WriteLine("myI4: {0}", myI4 -1); This code produces the following output: myI4: -1 myI4: 10 The equality comparison operators, == and !=, have an interesting characteristic you need to be aware of. If you compare two values of the same nullable type, and both are null, the equality comparison operators consider them equal. For example, in the following code, the two nullable ints are set to null. The equality comparison operator will declare them equal. int i1 = null, i2 = null; if (i1 == i2) Console.WriteLine("Equal");
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2. When the Add New Item dialog appears, name the class FillBehavior and click the Add
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The port ID is not an integer value; it s of the enumeration type Cpu.Pin, which provides GPIO_NONE with the value 1 and 16 predefined pins with the names GPIO_Pin0 to GPIO_Pin15, as shown in Listing 5-2. Listing 5-2. The Enumeration Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.Cpu.Pin to Specify Pin Numbers of I/O Lines namespace Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware { public static class Cpu { public enum Pin { GPIO_NONE = -1, GPIO_Pin0 = 0, GPIO_Pin1 = 1, GPIO_Pin2 = 2, GPIO_Pin3 = 3, GPIO_Pin4 = 4, GPIO_Pin5 = 5, GPIO_Pin6 = 6, GPIO_Pin7 = 7, GPIO_Pin8 = 8, GPIO_Pin9 = 9, GPIO_Pin10 = 10,
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Sample workbooks and code are available for download from the Apress web site at
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