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Field initializers are not allowed in structs. struct Simple { Not allowed public int x = 0; public int y = 10; } Not allowed
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serializer.Serialize(outputStream, myPerson);
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around Up. Once that you know the total rotation, you can simply plug this into the code of the previous recipe! Now that you know the concept behind first-person camera rotation, you still need to relate user input to the two variables that hold the amount of rotation. Here, the example of mouse input is given. You will determine the change of the mouse position between two update cycles and change the variables accordingly. So, you ll need these variables: float leftrightRot; float updownRot; Vector3 cameraPosition; Matrix viewMatrix; MouseState originalMouseState; A MouseState contains the position of the mouse cursor, as well as some bits that indicate whether a mouse button has been clicked since the last call to Mouse.GetState(). Give both variables a starting value in your Initialize method: leftrightRot = 0.0f; updownRot = 0.0f; cameraPosition = new Vector3(1,1,10); UpdateViewMatrix(); Mouse.SetPosition(Window.ClientBounds.Width / 2, Window.ClientBounds.Height / 2); originalMouseState = Mouse.GetState(); You first set the rotation values to zero and position your camera at a starting point of your choice. You will soon create an UpdateViewMatrix method, which is used here simply to initialize the viewMatrix variable. Next, you set the mouse cursor to the center of the screen to start with. The last line stores the MouseState, which contains the position of your centered mouse pointer, so during the next update cycle, you can check whether there s any difference between this state and the new one, which would indicate the mouse has been moved. Let s have a look at the update routine. As said before, you ll first check the new MouseState to see whether there s any difference with the one stored in the originalMouseState. If there is a difference, the rotation values are updated accordingly, and the mouse pointer is returned to the center of the window: float rotationSpeed = 0.005f; MouseState currentMouseState = Mouse.GetState(); if (currentMouseState != originalMouseState) { float xDifference = currentMouseState.X - originalMouseState.X; float yDifference = currentMouseState.Y - originalMouseState.Y; leftrightRot -= rotationSpeed * xDifference; updownRot -= rotationSpeed * yDifference; Mouse.SetPosition(Window.ClientBounds.Width / 2, Window.ClientBounds.Height / 2); } UpdateViewMatrix();
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Table 19-34. Legacy Collection Classes and Their Generic Replacements
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You will not find this property in Blend s Properties panel because the Blend designer does not support RTL (Right-To-Left) FlowDirection, and for this reason the Blend team has chosen not to show it. So, if you change the FlowDirection and don t see it snap to RTL in Blend, don t think you are crazy you will see it when your application runs.
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You will also see some additions to the HTML like this one: <input type="hidden" name="__VIEWSTATE" id="__VIEWSTATE" value="/wEPDwUKMjA0OTM4MTAwNGRkbpBHRr2koJt27jitjyifSDFWTs1+Jbf9fKjzfBM0zOU=" /> These long data strings are how Web Forms keeps track of the state of the application. We don t need to edit or work with these directly, but it helps to understand how our actions on the design surface result in HTML that browsers can understand and display.
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An excellent article is available on MSDN demonstrating key components of the multicast network for Silverlight applications. Visit to access the article. You need a multicast policy server to authorize Silverlight multicast clients. You can also enhance the previously-developed chat application to use the many-to-many multicast communication. Silverlight SDK provides these samples (Multicast Policy Server and Peer-to-Peer Chat application using many-to-many multicast communication). Instead of rewriting the code, you can download the source code of these sample applications by visiting
Listing 3-5. Implementing a Cookie Class to Save for Java 5
11.4. Changing the Summary Function for All Value Fields
To enable static checking, open the Properties window for your project, click the Code Contracts tab, and check the Perform Static Contract Checking option, as shown by Figure 38-11.
Listing 22-11 demonstrates the use of some of these properties. Listing 22-11. Using the DateTime Informational Properties using System; class Listing 11 { static void Main(string[] args) { // use the Now property DateTime nowValue = DateTime.Now; // use the informational properties to print out details Console.WriteLine("Day of week: {0}", nowValue.DayOfWeek); Console.WriteLine("Day of year: {0}", nowValue.DayOfYear); Console.WriteLine("Time of day: {0}", nowValue.TimeOfDay); Console.WriteLine("Year: {0}", nowValue.Year); Console.WriteLine("Month: {0}", nowValue.Month); Console.WriteLine("Day: {0}", nowValue.Day); Console.WriteLine("Hour: {0}", nowValue.Hour); Console.WriteLine("Minutes: {0}", nowValue.Minute); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } Compiling and running Listing 22-11 produces the following results: Day of week: Friday Day of year: 204 Time of day: 09:53:22.3595401 Year: 2010 Month: 7 Day: 23 Hour: 9
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