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Note Matrices are powerful objects that can represent any kind of transformation. A matrix can represent
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The last step is to implement the IComponent interfaces, which are defined as follows. (The details of the implementation classes have been omitted for clarity. The associated source code that can be downloaded does work and performs a search on Amazon.com.) internal class SearchTV : InputSink<Item> { // Omitted for clarity } internal class FilterPrice : ComponentInputIterator<Item> { // Omitted for clarity } internal class ReviewRating : ComponentInputIterator<Item> { // Omitted for clarity } internal class Output : OutputSink<Item> { // Omitted for clarity } public static class Factory { public static IComponent<StreamingControlImpl< Item>> CreateSearchTV( string keywords) { return (IComponent<StreamingControlImpl< Item>>)new SearchTV( keywords); } public static IComponent<StreamingControlImpl<Item>> CreateFilterPrice( double maximum, double minimum) { return (IComponent<StreamingControlImpl<Item>>) new FilterPrice( maximum, minimum ); } public static IComponent<StreamingControlImpl<Item>> CreateReviewRating( double rating) { return (IComponent<StreamingControlImpl<Item>>)new ReviewRating( rating ); } public static IComponent<StreamingControlImpl<Item>> CreateOutput() { return (IComponent<StreamingControlImpl<Item>>)new Output(); } } I ve included abstract helper classes for SearchAmazon, ReviewRating, FilterPrice, and Output. When the implementations are manipulated with respect to the Chain type, the interface IComponent is exposed. The factory methods CreateReviewRating instantiate IComponent instance types and notice the use of a typecast to extract the IComponent interface. And finally, the following source code searches for a television:
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- (void)netServiceBrowser:(NSNetServiceBrowser *)netServiceBrowser didFindService:(NSNetService *)netService moreComing:(BOOL)moreComing { // netServices could be an NSMutableArray instance variable [netServices addObject:netService]; // output friendly name to log NSLog(@"Found service named '%@'",[netService name]); }
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if( null != pf ) // Make sure the delegate has methods. pf(); // Invoke the delegate. else Console.WriteLine("Delegate is empty"); } } This code produces the following output: Print1 Print2 Print1 Print2 ----instance static instance static
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SmartDate Properties
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The discussion so far has focused mainly on architectures: logical architectures that define the separation of responsibilities in an application, and physical architectures that define the locations where the logical layers will run in various configurations. I ve also discussed the use of object-oriented design and the concepts behind mobile objects. Although all of these are important and must be thought through in detail, you really don t want to have to go through this process every time you need to build an application. It would be preferable to have the architecture and design solidified into reusable code that could be used to build all your applications. What you want is an application framework. A framework codifies an architecture and design in order to promote reuse and increase productivity.
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AddressingHeaders AddressingFault EndPointReference ReferenceProperties To From ReplyTo
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// Declare the method. // Get the current date and time. // Write it out.
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