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Public Function UpdateAssignment(ByVal cn As SqlConnection, _ ByVal projectId As Guid, ByVal resourceId As Integer, _ ByVal assigned As SmartDate, ByVal newRole As Integer, _ ByVal timestamp() As Byte) As Byte() Using cm As SqlCommand = cn.CreateCommand() cm.CommandText = "updateAssignment" cm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@lastChanged", timestamp) Return DoAddUpdate( _ cm, projectId, resourceId, assigned, newRole) End Using End Function The only differences between UpdateAssignment() and AddAssignment() are the name of the stored procedure to be called and the fact that AddAssignment() doesn t add a timestamp parameter to the SqlCommand object. The timestamp value is only needed for updates to deal with optimistic concurrency. All the real work occurs in DoAddUpdate(): Private ByVal ByVal ByVal Function DoAddUpdate(ByVal cm As SqlCommand, _ projectId As Guid, ByVal resourceId As Integer, _ assigned As SmartDate, _ newRole As Integer) As Byte()
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As you can probably guess, a MouseEnter event is fired when the user moves the mouse over an object. To see how this works, you ll add the MouseEnter event and EventHandler to the MyButton control. In the last edition I showed how to create these events in Visual Studio with C#. In this book I focus more on Blend and therefore will show how to create these events in Blend. Let s do that now.
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class BaseCalculator { public virtual int CalculateProduct(int x, int y) { return x * y; } } class DerivedCalculator : BaseCalculator, ICalculator { public int CalculateSum(int x, int y) { return x + y; } } In this example, the DerivedCalculator class is derived from the BaseCalculator class and implements the ICalculator interface. In the declaration for the class, the base class must be specified first, followed by the interface that a class is implementing, separated by a comma.
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Figure 6-6 shows the inheritance hierarchy of BusinessBase(Of T), illustrating the base classes that work together to provide some of this functionality. These base classes are covered in s 7 through 14 as each functional area is discussed.
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You can add structure to your debug output using the Indent and Unindent methods. The Indent method increases the indentation level for messages, and the Unindent method reduces it again. These methods are useful when combined with WriteLine, as shown by Listing 38-4. Listing 38-4. Indenting and Using the WriteLine and WriteLineIf Methods using System; using System.Diagnostics; class Calculator { public int CalculateSum(int x, int y) { return x + y; } public int CalculateProduct(int x, int y) { return x * y; } public int CalculateSubtraction(int x, int y) { return x - y; } public int CalculateDivision(int x, int y) { Debug.WriteLine("Entered CalculateDivision Method"); Debug.Indent(); Debug.WriteLine("Parameters are: {0} {1}", x, y); Debug.WriteLineIf(y == 0, "Second parameter is zero"); Debug.Unindent(); Debug.WriteLine("Exiting CalculateDivision Method"); return x / y;
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window so the user can edit the details of each row in a grid. If those modal windows have a Cancel button, you ll almost certainly use n-level undo to implement the UI. While the n-level undo functionality described in this chapter can t handle every type of UI, it does enable a wide range of UI styles, including the most widely used styles. If you don t use undo, no overhead is incurred. If you do use undo, it is designed to be relatively easy and as transparent as possible.
You have two ways to construct components on the client and connect them to each other using Atlas. You can build them programmatically, where you use JavaScript to create instances of these objects and connect them using a script. Or you can build them declaratively using an Atlas declarative script, an XML variant that describes an Atlas page. On the server side you can turn your existing ASP .NET server-side controls into panes on the page that update asynchronously by wrapping them in UpdatePanel controls, which are provided by the Atlas server-side suite.
EventDriven Activity
Working with Multiple Root Objects
A complete Object Pool pattern implementation in .NET is a bit more complicated than the UML diagram in Figure 7-2. For example, in general, object pools should have an external factory that instantiates the individual object. Figure 7-3 shows another UML diagram of the Object Pool pattern.
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