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To get started, click Ping in the Store section in the left nav bar of iTunes. Then click the Turn On Ping button in the main window. You will need to sign into iTunes again to get started with Ping. Then you will need to create your profile for Ping. Enter your first and last name, enter your gender, add an optional picture, tell where you live, give a brief bio, and finally select up to three music genres you like. Click Continue to select how music is displayed on your profile. The default is Automatically display all music I like, rate, review, or purchase. However, you can adjust this to meet your preferences. Click Continue. Finally, you can choose to allow people to follow you with or without approval (the default) or not allow them to follow you at all. Select your choice, and then click Done to finish setting up your Ping profile. qr reader
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Figure 5-6. Group1 created in the Row Labels area 3. Select the Group1 heading, and then type a name for the group, such as Old. 4. Select the remaining stores, and click the Group Selection command to group them. Name the second group as New.
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Create a new Registry-format GUID (but be sure to delete the opening and closing braces after inserting it). DocCleaner
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Company: United Lemur Location: Silicon Valley, USA
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Note The transmission of state data can become an area of weakness for the Web Forms technology. As we build more complex Web Forms application, the amount of data that has to be sent between the browser and the server increases sharply, presenting problems for users with slower network connections. For this reason, Web Forms has gained wide adoption for corporate intranet applications but has struggled to gain ground in the Internet applications space. ASP.NET has two other technologies that don t have this problem. The first is Silverlight, which is the .NET rival to Adobe Flash; we will look at Silverlight in 35. The second technology is MVC (which stands for Model View Controller). MVC is an advanced technology that is beyond the scope of this book, but if you want more details, I suggest the book that I wrote with Steven Sanderson entitled Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework, also published by Apress.
Note You can specify any TrueType font that is installed on your computer. To see the list of installed
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