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Relational vs. Object Modeling
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Now that you ve seen the Silverlight architecture, Silverlight concepts, and what XAML is all about, let s look at the basic user interface controls that Silverlight provides. Silverlight supplies forms controls, such as text boxes for display and for user input, list boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, and others; data manipulation controls, such as data grid, data form, and others; and functional controls, such as date picker, image, media element, and others. While a standard set of controls is important for building user interfaces, even more important is how these controls are placed on a user interface. This is handled by Silverlight s layout controls: one that enables absolute positioning and others that allow more intelligent layouts of controls. This chapter starts with exploring the building blocks of user controls to enable a detailed understanding of the base functionality of all controls. Later we will dive into the details of key layout, forms, data manipulation, and functional user controls. We will also cover new controls and enhanced existing controls introduced in the Silverlight 4 release.
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Definition of the Normal
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The (x,y) point of the start of the line The (x,y) point of the end of the line
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Selecting an Object
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you were responsible for pagination and the like. Now, it s all done for you you just need to call one of the new print() methods, of which there are three. The simplest way to print the contents of a text component is to call its no-argument print() method. Figure 4-24 shows what the initial program looks like, and Figure 4-25 shows the standard printer dialog. The program in Listing 4-11 simply shows a JTextArea, pastes the current clipboard contents into it, and offers a Print button for printing the content.
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finish, in 35, with Silverlight. This is the .NET competitor to Adobe Flash and is used to create richly interactive web applications. As we look at each technology, you ll see some common design features. Two of the most important are the use of properties to configure user interfaces and the use of events to respond to actions performed by the user. These techniques, combined with a consistent approach in the Visual Studio design tools, means that a basic knowledge of one technology can be used to create interfaces in one of the others.
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N-Level Undo Capability
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