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The following code shows the full process of creating and accessing a one-dimensional array: int[] myIntArray; myIntArray = new int[4]; for( int i=0; i<4; i++ ) myIntArray[i] = i*10; // Declare the array. // Instantiate the array. // Set the values.
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The switch instruction implements a jump table. This instruction is unique in the sense that it has not one, not two, but N+1 parameters following it, where N is the number of cases in the switch. The first parameter is a 4-byte unsigned integer specifying the number of cases, and the following N parameters are 4-byte signed integers specifying offsets to the targets (cases). There is no short-parameter form of this instruction. The ILAsm notation is as follows: switch(Label1, Label2,...,LabelN) ... // Default case Label1: ... Label2: ... ... LabelN: ...
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The one coding convention I use in this book that I would like to point out is how I name variables in PL/SQL code. For example, consider a package body like this: create or replace package body my_pkg as g_variable varchar2(25); procedure p( p_variable in varchar2 ) is l_variable varchar2(25); begin null; end; end; / Here I have three variables: a global package variable, G_VARIABLE; a formal parameter to the procedure, P_VARIABLE; and a local variable, L_VARIABLE. I name my variables after the scope they are contained in. All globals begin with G_, parameters with P_, and local variables with L_. The main reason
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10. Change the name of the new send port to acmeDiscontinuedSendPort. 11. Change the Transport Type setting to File, and then click the Configure button (it s almost robotic at this point). 12. In the File Transport Properties dialog box, click the Browse button and find the discontinued folder that you created earlier. 13. Click OK to accept the transport settings. 14. You won t need a custom pipeline, so you ll leave the default PassThruTransmit in place. As before, you won t assign any filters to this port. Your send port properties should be as shown in Figure 10-16.
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<asp:Calendar ID="Calendar1" runat="Server"></asp:Calendar>
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EF provides an abstraction above the database layer and a number of enhancements that make it superior to LINQ to SQL.
Comments in XML consist of text between the <!-- and --> tokens. The text between the tokens is ignored by XML parsers. You can insert text in an XML document using the XComment class, as shown in the following line of code: new XComment("This is a comment")
You can combine the jagged array declaration with the creation of the first-level array using an array-creation expression, such as in the following declaration. The result is shown in Figure 14-11. Three sub-arrays int[][] jagArr = new int[3][];
We see here that our parallel query session (SID=701) is the query coordinator SID (QCSID) for nine rows in this dynamic performance view. Our session is coordinating or controlling these parallel query resources now. We can see each has its own SID; in fact, each is a separate Oracle session and shows up as such in V$SESSION during the execution of our parallel query: ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> select sid, username, program 2 from v$session 3 where sid in ( select sid 4 from v$px_session 5 where qcsid = 701 ) 6 / SID ---------8 9 242 243 470 701 703 704 705 USERNAME --------BIG_TABLE BIG_TABLE BIG_TABLE BIG_TABLE BIG_TABLE BIG_TABLE BIG_TABLE BIG_TABLE BIG_TABLE PROGRAM -----------------------------------------------oracle@dellpe (P005) oracle@dellpe (P001) oracle@dellpe (P002) oracle@dellpe (P006) oracle@dellpe (P003) sqlplus@dellpe (TNS V1-V3) oracle@dellpe (P004) oracle@dellpe (P000) oracle@dellpe (P007)
Native Types in Marshaling Signatures
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