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Client Setup
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With your persistence medium in place, you only need to provide overrides of the base class methods. Here s the complete class (from DB_ViewState.cs): using using using using using using System; System.Web.UI.HtmlControls; System.IO; System.Web.UI; System.Data.SqlClient; System.Data;
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Figure 1-20. Passing a physical copy of an object across the network The object starts on the left (instance 1) and is copied, or cloned, across the network to the right (instance 2). Because the other machine gets a copy of the object, it can interact with the object locally. This means that there s effectively no performance overhead involved in calling properties or methods on the object the only cost was in copying the object s data across the network in the first place.
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Rectangular arrays are initialized with nested, comma-separated initialization lists. The initialization lists are nested in curly braces. This can sometimes be confusing, so to get the nesting, grouping, and commas right, the following tips can be helpful: Commas are used as separators between all elements and groups. Commas are not placed between left curly braces. Commas are not placed before a right curly brace. Read the rank specifications from left to right, designating the last number as elements and all the others as groups.
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CHAPTER 3: Rapid Game Development Using (Mostly) Standard C
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In the previous example, you ve hooked the dynVertBuffer_ContentLost method to the event. Of course, you still have to define this method. You want the method to simply restore the contents of the buffer: private void dynVertBuffer_ContentLost(object sender, EventArgs e) { dynVertBuffer.SetData(vertices, 0, vertices.Length, SetDataOptions.NoOverwrite); }
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Framework changes with the PDC Bits, or Beta 1, you ll have a different story for the changes to the page model than the one we present here. People hated the PDC Bits model, so Microsoft changed it with the release of Beta 2. It reverted the model to look much more like the one in version 1.x.
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Whitespace in a program refers to characters that do not have a visible output character. Whitespace in source code is ignored by the compiler, but is used by the programmer to make the code clearer and easier to read. Some of the whitespace characters include the following: Space Tab New line Carriage return
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The IQueryable Implementation for CSLA .NET
he aim of this chapter is to give you a general idea of what C++/CLI is all about by providing a brief look at most of the new language features in the context of an extended example, saving the details for later chapters. By the end of this chapter, you ll have a good idea of the scope of the most important changes and will be able to start writing some code.
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Public Sub CancelEdit() If Me.IsChild Then Throw New NotSupportedException(My.Resources.NoCancelEditChildException) End If UndoChanges(Me.EditLevel - 1) End Sub Public Sub ApplyEdit() If Me.IsChild Then Throw New NotSupportedException(My.Resources.NoApplyEditChildException) End If AcceptChanges(Me.EditLevel - 1) End Sub All three methods are very straightforward and allow developers to create a UI that starts editing a collection with BeginEdit(), let the user interact with the collection, and then either cancel or accept the changes with CancelEdit() or ApplyEdit(). These methods also provide the implementation for ISupportUndo, allowing a UI developer or other framework author to polymorphically interact with n-level undo on any editable object.
Linker switch /ENTRY used
Reverse PL/SQL
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