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Microsoft.Expression.Interactions, and System.Windows.Interactivity, and click OK.
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Figure 11-28. An instance of UC_GreenButton on the artboard in MainPage.xaml. Now all we need to do its wire up the States using Behaviors.
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The root object templates shown in this chapter have all used the SingleCriteria class provided by CSLA .NET. Most objects can be identified by a single criteria value, and that type makes it easy to send any single criteria value through the data portal.
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Loading the Data
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Once you have your startup properly configured, you can set break points and debug your Silverlight application like any other. If you already have a browser running your Silverlight application outside of Visual Studio, you can attach the debugger to the host process. You can accomplish this by going to the Debug menu in Visual Studio and choosing Attach to process. If you re debugging ASP.NET, you attach the debugger to the ASP.NET worker process (the browser). Similarly, you attach the Visual Studio debugger to the process that hosts the Silverlight plug-in: the browser. On the Attach to Process dialog (shown in Figure 16-11), you can click Select to limit the type of code the debugger focuses on.
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GO Make sure that the login you just created has the UNSAFE ASSEMBLY permission: GRANT UNSAFE ASSEMBLY TO [MyStrongNamedAssemblies] GO Once you have created the login, you are able to create a new unverifiable assembly in your database: USE pubs GO IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.assemblies WHERE name=N'MyUnverifiableAssembly') DROP ASSEMBLY MyUnverifiableAssembly GO CREATE ASSEMBLY [MyUnverifiableAssembly] FROM 'c:\ MyUnverifiableAssembly.dll' WITH PERMISSION_SET=UNSAFE GO Keep in mind that you can only add assemblies created with /clr:pure. If you try to install an assembly that was compiled with /clr, the following error message will occur: "CREATE ASSEMBLY for assembly 'MyUnverifiableAssembly' failed because assembly 'MyUnverifiableAssembly' failed verification. Check if the referenced assemblies are up-to-date and trusted (for external_access or unsafe) to execute in the database. CLR Verifier error messages if any will follow this message."
Adding and Configuring Activities
Figure 4-2. Allocating memory for the reference of a class variable
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