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The following code shows explicit and implicit versions of three array declarations. The first set is a one-dimensional array of ints. The second is a two-dimensional array of ints. The third is an array of strings. Notice that in the declaration of implicitly typed intArr4 you still need to include the rank specifier in the initialization. Explicit int [] intArr1 var intArr2 Keyword int[,] intArr3 var intArr4 Explicit new int[] { 10, 20, 30, 40 }; new [] { 10, 20, 30, 40 }; Inferred new int[,] { { 10, 1 }, { 2, 10 }, { 11, 9 new [,] { { 10, 1 }, { 2, 10 }, { 11, 9 Rank specifier new string[] { "life", "liberty", "pursuit new [] { "life", "liberty", "pursuit
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With this arrangement, you can lose a web server with minimal impact. Obviously, users in the middle of having a page processed on that particular server will be affected, but all other users should be redirected to the remaining live servers transparently. All the users Session data will remain available. As with the out-of-process option discussed previously, the Session object is serialized so that it can be transferred to the state server machine efficiently. This means that all objects referenced by Session are also serialized which isn t a problem for CSLA .NET style business objects, since they re marked as <Serializable()>.
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Figure 9-6. The C# that Blend created for you. private void MyButton_MouseEnter(object sender, System.Windows.Input.MouseEventArgs e) { // TODO: Add event handler implementation here. MessageBox.Show("MyButton was MouseEntered"); }
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So, of what use are the NVARCHAR2 and NCHAR (for completeness) They are used in systems where the need to manage and store multiple character sets arises. This typically happens in a database where the predominant character set is a single-byte fixed-width one (such as WE8MSWIN1252), but the need arises to maintain and store some multibyte data. There are many systems that have legacy data but need to support multibyte data for some new applications; likewise, there are systems that want the efficiency of a single-byte character set for most operations (string operations on a string that uses fixed-width characters are more efficient than on a string where each character may use a different number of bytes) but need the flexibility of multibyte data at some points. The NVARCHAR2 and NCHAR datatypes support this need. They are generally the same as their VARCHAR2 and CHAR counterparts, with the following exceptions: Their text is stored and managed in the database s national character set, not the default character set. Their lengths are always provided in characters, whereas a CHAR/VARCHAR2 may specify either bytes or characters.
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You now need to add code to receive the messages and update the text box with the messages you have received. To receive messages, handle the MessageReceived event on an instance of LocalMessageReceiver. Open MainPage.xaml.cs in the receiver project and import the following namespace: using System.Windows.Messaging;
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But you can also provide an arbitrary number of parameters, which you can see I have done for one, two, and five int values. C# takes care of packaging up the int values into an array for me, making my method easier to use. Compiling and running the code in Listing 9-16 produces the following results: First result: 245 Second result: 10 Third result: 44 Fourth result: 245 Press enter to finish
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Id | Operation |Name |Starts |A-Rows | A-Time |Buffers | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------| 0 | SELECT STATEMENT | | 1 | 32 |00:00:00.01 | 7 | |* 1 | VIEW | | 1 | 32 |00:00:00.01 | 7 | | 2 | WINDOW SORT | | 1 | 50 |00:00:00.01 | 7 | | 3 | TABLE ACCESS FULL|PRJ_ATT_FACTORS | 1 | 50 |00:00:00.01 | 7 | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Predicate Information (identified by operation id): --------------------------------------------------1 - filter("A"."THE_YRMO"="THE_MAX") This rewritten version of the query requires only a single access on the table. Much better! Listing 717 shows how the rewritten query performed in production. Listing 7-17. Rewritten Query s Production Execution Plan -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Id | Operation |Name |Starts |A-Rows | A-Time |Buffers | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------| 0 | SELECT STATEMENT | | 1 | 18480 |00:00:11.47 | 1833 | |* 1 | VIEW | | 1 | 18480 |00:00:11.47 | 1833 | | 2 | WINDOW SORT | | 1 |271830 |00:00:09.73 | 1833 | | 3 | TABLE ACCESS FULL|PRJ_ATT_FACTORS | 1 |271830 |00:00:01.59 | 1826 | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Predicate Information (identified by operation id): --------------------------------------------------1 - filter("A"."THE_YRMO"="THE_MAX")
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