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Brush DoubleCollection
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This being the case, your MouseLeave State is already correct because if you click the MouseLeave State you will see that the Rectangle is already black. So you are probably asking yourself, why create a MouseLeave State if the default State of the Rectangle is black That s a good question and one I had to ask myself when writing this chapter. If you don t add the MouseLeave State (that has the Rectangle with a fill of black), then when your mouse leaves the Rectangle in the running application it will stay Red. So, you need to have the MouseLeave State. Now it is time to hook up the Visual States in the Visual State Group to the MouseEnter and MouseLeave events. Do that now:
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Multiple Expressions in the Initializer and Iteration Expression
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Building C++/CLI Applications
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Listing 6-5. The Generated Top-Level-Element Class
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To pass data in the second parameter of your event handler, and adhere to the standard conventions, you need to declare a custom class derived from EventArgs that can store the data you need passed. The name of the class should end in EventArgs. For example, the following code declares a custom class that can store a string in a field called Message.
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A Simpler Way to Buy Tickets: Using the Fa ade Pattern
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Note Code generation is outside the scope of this book. For good information on code generation, including the rationale behind CriteriaBase, please refer to Code Generation in Microsoft .NET by Kathleen Dollard (Apress, 2004) or the index of CSLA .NET compliant code-generation tools at www.lhotka.net/cslanet/codegen.aspx.
Figure 6-5. Draw a Rectangle control on the workspace.
To update an existing item, load an object then use the UpdateObject() and SaveChanges() methods of the DataServiceContext: static void Main(string[] args) { DataServiceContext ctx = new DataServiceContext(new Uri("http://localhost/9/MovieService.svc"));
and not the template it is based on (typically Normal. m). If the macro is in the template instead of the document, our activity will (rightly so) not remove it. Yep, that s experience talking
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